Zozosuit: Retail of the Future, or the Future of Retail?

By Women Love Tech
on 18 November 2018

Tech and Japan have landed in Australia: a million or so Japanese are using the Zozosuit, and now, so can we!

Let me backtrack: here I am shopping endlessly, trying to find that pair of jeans, a pair that fits as though it was designed for me – not for the body on a catwalk. I am not a cat, but today I feel like a tiger in a Zozosuit, about to twirl around my phone to take my measurements and deliver those perfectly fitting jeans.

Step 1: Download the App (zozosuit App) as easy as any other app

Step 2: Put the Zozosuit on. You can do that alone at home, or with friends like roaming tigers!

Step 3: Set your phone on the provided holder, start your camera, and get ready to twirl and follow the instructions (no worries, the phone delivers English instructions!)

This is it: wear the Zozosuit, rotate around a virtual 12 hours clock while your phone takes pictures delivers instructions “rotate, stop etc..”. Once done and processed, you can see your virtual, and you are ready to send orders for your pair of jeans and your T-shirt. This is it: customisation for everyone and the future of retail.

Women Love Tech would like to thank Magali Baraq for the article.

NOTE: Since this story was published the business Zozosuit closed down

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