Nettshell: An App That Shows You How You’re Travelling Financially

Libby Jane Charleston
on 19 January 2021

When you’re juggling several financial interests that are all performing differently, seeing where you stand collectively can be difficult.

Nettshell is a simple app you can use to populate trackers for each of your financial interests. Then with one simple click of the Show me in a Nettshell button, it creates one graph to show you where you stand and what that means for your future.

Russell Mann, Co-founder of Nettshell and Partner in Collins Mann Financial Management told Women Love Tech why the app is so important.

What are the most common concerns raised by your customers?

We do not know where we are financially NOW.

We want to retire but don’t know how much we need to retire on to maintain the lifestyle we like to enjoy and have become accustomed to.

We feel scared and fearful that we could run out of money in retirement

Can you explain how Nettshell works?

Nettshell takes your basic but prevalent financial information and calculates your projected financial future. It tells you:

What your current financial position is TODAY – i.e. net investable assets, including your home and home loan values.

It calculates the projected value of investable assets that you will need at your desired retirement date so as to live your desired lifestyle until the average age of 87 years.

It also projects what future value your current investable asset base will attain between now and your proposed retirement date in the future. i.e. The projected value of your investment asset pool.   It then compares your projected asset position to that which you need at retirement and assesses whether you are therefore financially ‘Healthy’ or ‘Unhealthy’.

How can people use Nettshell to manage their wallet?

It is not a day to day budgeting tool, it is financial tool to enable and empower you to plan for your financial future and identify what you need to do so that you may be able to attain financial security for your future.

Nettshell is a tool for people to assist in starting them off in managing their financial future, with a level of confidence in the ‘great unknown’. It really brings into focus their current financial position and the likelihood of them reaching their future financial goals.

It allows you to also play around and input different investment scenarios to see the differences in returns and change in risk profiles. E.g. the cost of up-grading your residence, buying an investment property verses a share portfolio. It also helps you see the financial impact of downsizing your residence as you move into later retirement and Age Care needs.

Is it an app people of all ages can easily use?

Yes. It has actually proved useful and very relevant for all age groups. While we initially designed it for the Baby Boomers generation, when we asked younger generation clients to review it, they responded really positively, immediately recognizing how they could use it as a ‘predictor’ but also for scenario planning.

The X & Y Gen – added another dimension, and said they would use it, as it offered them a tool to learn and understand the financial management concepts.

How does Nettshell help you avoid financial planners and manage your own money?

Nettshell allows you to understand your financial future so that you can have an informed discussion with any financial planner. If you wish, you can simply use this as your own private tool to ‘keep them honest’ so to speak.   Or, you can use it for ongoing self-assessment your own position.

We are currently working on the next version of Nettshell which is will allow the client access to manage their own investments at a minimum of the cost through Nettshell, should they not wish to use and pay for a financial planner.


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