New Logitech z533 Speakers: Powerful Sound & Rich Bass

By Frederique Bros
on 20 December 2015

The new Logitech Speakers are my new crush in terms of powerful sound and computer and home speakers. I use them all day long on my desk for my computer and not only the sound is powerful and clear but they also look sleek and stylish!

For more than 30 years, Logitech has created high-quality audio products that bring your sound to life. Each system is designed and tested in our state-of-the-art research and development labs, and held to the highest acoustic standards to bring you the optimal listening experience, and the Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers is no exception.

New Logitech z533 Speakers: Powerful Sound & Rich Bass

“We hear from consumers all the time about how much they love their Logitech speakers, and it’s often with a tone of surprise about just how good they really are,” said Damian Lepore, the Country Manager for Logitech. “We know that once they listen to a Logitech speaker they’re hooked, and the z533 will not disappoint.

The Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers deliver powerful acoustics with rich bass and detailed highs for robust, room-filling sound around your home. The speakers take your music, movies and games to the next level with thanks to the dynamic front-facing subwoofer with 2.25-inch full-range drivers.

The Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers also feature a wired control pod that you can put in a convenient spot for easy access to essential speaker controls, such as power, volume and bass, along with a headphone jack and extra 3.5mm input. Multiple connectivity inputs, including 3.5mm and RCA, let you connect and listen to almost any device with an audio output, such as a computer, tablet, smartphone — or even a TV.

In addition to the z533 Multimedia Speakers, Logitech also announced today the retail availability of the Logitech® Multimedia Speakers z333. This 2.1 speaker system – with its 80 watts peak power (40W of RMS power) – delivers loud bass with its dedicated subwoofer and clear mids and highs from its two satellite speakers. Adjust bass via the bass control knob and easily command your sound using the

New Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers Deliver Powerful Sound That Moves You – Page 2 wired control pod, which allows access to essential speaker controls including power and volume.

Pricing and Availability

The Logitech z533 Multimedia Speakers are expected to be available in Australia for a suggested retail price of $169.95. The Logitech® Multimedia Speakers z333 are available now in select stores and online for a suggested retail price of $109.95.

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Image Credit: Logitech

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