NuFace Mini Review: Beauty Device Using Microcurrent Technology

By Women Love Tech
on 17 August 2023

Amidst the uncertainty of salon and clinic re-openings during the pandemic, there has been a surge in the availability of at-home beauty devices promising skin improvement. Influenced by Instagram and TikTok, individuals have taken to experimenting with these devices to recreate salon treatments. Quartz/jade rollers, microdermabrasion kits, powered cleansing brushes, microneedling derma rollers, LED light masks, and microcurrent devices have all gained popularity on these platforms. One such device is NuFACE’s microcurrent device, which has maintained a revered status in the beauty industry for over a decade.

Launched in 2005 by microcurrent aestheticians Carol Cole and Tera Peterson, NuFACE aimed to target common signs of aging such as sagging eyelids and loss of contour, providing users with an at-home solution in between professional microcurrent facials. Microcurrent technology is used by the device, sending low-level electrical currents to the skin and muscles, essentially giving them a workout. Similar to regular exercise, consistent and frequent usage is necessary to maintain the desired results. The recommended usage is five times a week for 60 days, followed by two to three times a week.

The process of using the device may sound intimidating, but it is actually pain-free and simple. The NuFACE mini device is accompanied by a hydrating gel primer, which acts as a conductor and facilitates the current flow. Applying a thick layer of this primer is necessary before commencing the treatment, and the sensation is barely noticeable.

NuFACE mini
NuFACE mini is a best selling beauty device which uses microcurrent technology

Having never experienced a professional microcurrent facial, I was not confident in my ability to use the device but nevertheless I embarked on my first treatment. After thoroughly cleansing my skin, I generously applied the gel primer to my face and neck. Utilizing the device’s metal electrode spheres, I glided it across my neck, cheeks, and forehead three times each until the device indicated completion. The results were immediate, with a subtle but visible difference in my appearance. My lifted brows, reduced cheek puffiness, and enhanced jawline were evident. I was pleasantly surprised by the user-friendliness of the device, and I enjoyed the cooling sensation of the electrode spheres which helped to decrease morning puffiness. If you are seeking a device that gently contours your face while offering a cooling and depuffing effect, Nuface is a great option.

It is important to note that there are certain individuals who should not use this device. Those with active cancer, pacemakers, implantable electrical devices, underlying seizure disorders like epilepsy or those who are pregnant should consult with a doctor before using it. For everyone else, it is safe to use.

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Microcurrent technology has been game-changing in the beauty device field and the NuFACE mini is one of Current Body’s bestselling devices due to its popularity and competitive pricing. 

RRP $209

Review by Indi Courtney

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