L’Oreal Unveils New Beauty Innovations at Viva Technology Paris

By Zeerak Ayaz
on 22 June 2023

L’Oréal unveiled a series of beauty innovations at Viva Technology Paris earlier this month, utilising the company’s industry knowledge to create unique, profound beauty experiences for everyone.

L’Oréal’s aim was to empower women from all walks of life, reinforcing the statement that ‘beauty for all and beauty for each’. The innovative digital devices at Viva Technology showcase how the power of data, tech and AI can help customers become better informed about beauty products.  

L’Oreal believes machine learning and augmented reality will open up new avenues and opportunities for further research in cosmetics, helping consumers understand more about skin care. 

This year LANCOME announced that it is releasing a new AI-powered motor-stabilizing device called HAPTA which is designed for those with hand-motion disorders, arthritis, Huntington’s Disease and stroke related motion challenges.

There’s also going to be diagnostic and coaching tools, such as La Roche-Posay SPOTSCAN, META PROFILERTM by Giorgio Armani and Kérastase K-SCAN; personalized beauty tech solutions such as 3D shu:brow by shuuemura for a professional eyebrow look at home. 

Model Showcasing L’Oreal Lipstick Elegance

The company is utilising technology to not only improve interactive beauty experiences, but also solve sustainability and inclusion issues.   

“By putting our resources behind emerging technologies that democratize access to smarter and more sustainable beauty, we enable everyone to enjoy beauty more equitably and on their terms.” Nicolas Hieronimus, CEO, L’Oréal Groupe stated.

In addition to its product portfolio, L’Oréal’s Beauty Tech presence has grown to more than 5,900 dedicated employees, more than 800 online services with 40 million service sessions in 2022, and milestones such as new augmented beauty devices, cutting-edge diagnosis tools for skin and hair, one billion packaging units with a QR code to augment the consumer experience and winning six CES Innovation Awards in 2023.

Nicolas Hieronimus also praised the success of the Beauty Tech products stating: “This year at VivaTech, we have assembled an exceptional line-up of Beauty Tech innovations that deliver positive impact.”


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