CES 2023’s New Beauty Tech Products Use Facial Recognition And AI To Change Beauty Products Forever

By Pamela Connellan
on 13 January 2023

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased some amazing beauty tech from some of the biggest companies in beauty – including L’Oréal Group and Amorepacific. These new products and technologies brought beauty tech to the forefront at CES – the biggest and most influential tech event in the world.

L’Oréal showed two new technology products. One was called HAPTA and it’s the first handheld, computerised makeup applicator designed to advance the beauty needs of people with limited hand and arm mobility.

L’Oreal’s HAPTA is the first handheld, computersied makeup applicator.

The second beauty tech product from L’Oreal was called L’Oréal Brow Magic and it’s the first at-home, electronic eyebrow makeup applicator – able to give you a customised brow looks pronto.

L'Oreal Brow Magic
L’Oreal’s Brow Magic uses an app to select the ideal brow for each person and then creates it.

With Brow Magic, users can scan their face with the L’Oréal-owned AI beauty app Modiface, and select the shape, thickness and effect of their ideal brow. They can then hold the device up to their face, where 2,400 nozzles ‘print’ 1,200 drops per inch of eyebrow makeup to create the look. Using technology from non-permanent tattoo startup Prinker, the gadget’s eyebrow art can be washed off with regular makeup remover.

You could be wondering if these new beauty tech products will make their way onto the market or not? L’Oréal has already announced it will make its HAPTA device available through Lancôme this year, and the Brow Magic tool is “expected to launch in 2023,” according to press release from the company.

Amorepacific launched its AI facial recognition tech

Beauty Tech
Amorepacific launched Authentic Color Master by Tonework at CES – a product which allows you to scan your
face using AI facial recognition technology.

Another company bringing beauty tech to CES was Amorepacific. The company received the CES Innovation Award for the fourth year in a row this year for two of its launches. The first was its Authentic Color Master by Tonework which allows users to scan their face. Using AI facial recognition technology, Tonework can create personalised foundation and lip shades with its robotic arms.

The second of Amorepacific’s launches was the brand’s at-home Cosmechip device which creates customised skin care by allowing users to enter dry ‘chips’ with skin-care ingredients and water into the apparatus to create skin-care products on the spot.

“Global customers are now creating ‘hyper-personalisation’ and ‘me-centric’ trends, and the bespoke beauty market has great growth potential backed by remarkable development of beauty technologies,” said Park Youngho, head of Amorepacific’s R&I Center. 

Light Tree Ventures launches new products in light therapy

The demand for non-invasive treatments led Light Tree Ventures to create products in light therapy which help in beauty, sport and health – which it brought to CES. The company offers medical-grade blue and red LED light therapy which can help significantly reduce acne and acne scarring, help with anti-aging as well as hair growth and oral care. Blue and red LED lights can calm inflammation by killing bacteria and also repair and rejuvenate through wound healing and stimulating blood flow.

Lumini Smart Mirror Hub
The Lumini Smart Mirror Hub provides skin care analysis and recommends the appropriate cosmetics.

Lululab brings out its Lumini PM smart mirror

Leveraging artificial intelligence, Lululab’s Lumini PM is a smart mirror hub which connects home users to the beauty and healthcare industry by providing personalised service through mobile application based on analysed skin data using AI and deep-learning technology.

The smart mirror functions as a personal assistant which provides custom skin care analysis and recommends the most appropriate cosmetics, homecare devices and health care products by analysing the user’s skin with a selfie and understanding lifestyle data. The smart mirror also connects the user with others with similar skin characteristics.

Perfect Corp uses AI to transform the beauty experience

Perfect Corp transforms the beauty experience for customers, beauty brands and retailers through AI, augmented reality and facial recognition. Perfect Corp’s tech solutions include YouCam Makeup, which enables users to try out hyper-realistic hair colour with AI smart shade finder for foundation matching. Through augmented reality integrated into livestreaming tools, Perfect Corp solutions also allow viewers to digitally try on products that influencers could be talking about during livestreams.

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