Penguin Isle Mobile Game Review

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 11 March 2021

Penguin Isle is an idle mobile game about creating a penguin community on ice. The game is is packed with way cute characters and likeable animals.

It’s the kind of game you can play while watching television or sitting in a waiting room. As it’s doesn’t take much skill or attention. 

As you accrue points, you can then spend them on upgrading parts of the island and buying items your animal community needs. You are given missions to take a photo of an animals and then you are rewarded with points. You can share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or download.  

You’ll sometimes find items floating in the ocean, like a treasure chest (treasure ship summoning), a timer (collecting gold while you were offline), and gift boxes.

The bottom menu contains buttons which turn red when you can upgrade them, such as the fishing spot, flower garden, Gravelly field, hot spring, Antarctic base, seagull nest, amusement park, igloo camp, sculpture park, albatross nest, lighthouse, deer ranch, hot air balloon field, whale’s nest, documentary site, Danger shore, bakery, theater, rocket launch field, Ferris wheel, and more.

I enjoyed Penguin Isle the first couple to times, but unfortunately the constant need to watch advertisements prevented me from continuing to use it longer than a week.


  • Who doesn’t love penguins? Super cute animals and penguins
  • The music is relaxing and chilled
  • Easy to learn and simple gameplay – ideal for kids
  • Beautiful arctic scenery and zero violence


  • Way, way too many advertisements
  • Kept crashing

I prefer playing the game on a tablet over a mobile phone. The interactions which were originally novel became too repetitive and predictable.

About a week after playing the game, the advertisements became super annoying and irrelevant. Unfortunately, the game started crashing and I soon lost interest.

I can see the Penguin Isle characters being turned into a kid’s film with super popular merchandise. I really wanted to like and continue playing this game.

2 stars.

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Instagram: @penguinsisle

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