Philips Hue Lighting Up Your Smart Home

By Frederique Bros
on 25 August 2013

At the age of 12, for my first party, I painted all the light bulbs of the living area in blue and pink. The effect was great, my friends and I were pretending to be in a nightclub! One tiny detail. With the heat, the paint started to melt creating a bad smoke (probably toxic) and one by one the bulbs exploded! The boys couldn’t stop laughing, the girls left screaming and by the look in my mother’s eyes, I knew I would be grounded until my 50th!

Thanks to technology, creating a new lighting atmosphere in your home is possible today without putting your life in danger. You are one click away to create your new home decoration lighting.

How Does Hue Lighting Work?

Meet the hue app. An amazing way to control every Philips hue bulb in your home. All in the palm of your hand. It makes the light switch and coloured light bulb look like it came from the Dark Ages.

With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you play with tone, contrast and colour to create any lighting mood you could dream of. It’s clever, intuitive and connected. It‘s so much more than just a light bulb. It’s Personal Wireless Lighting.

Personal – hue lets you express who you are, through the way you light your home. With a vast palette of light and colour. So you can set your inner Picasso free.

Wireless – hue can be wherever you want and you can access it whenever you want. Any room. Any space. All wirelessly, through your smart device. Clever, hey?

Lighting – At its heart, hue is a lighting solution for the home. It’s functional and practical. But it can also be emotive and inspiring. It’ll change the way you think about home lighting. Forever.

Hue Lighting Features

  • Choose your favourite holiday photos from your library and use the colour picker to recreate the ambience of that safari sunset, an island paradise or snow-capped vista.
  • Turn your lights on or off remotely using your iPhone or iPad. Even set the lights to come on automatically, just before you return home.
  • Use the ‘CONCENTRATE’ Light Recipe to help you pay attention and stay focussed for longer.
  • The ‘RELAX’ Light Recipe sets your lights to a specific yellow-white tone, scientifically proven to have a calming effect.

The possibilities are endless with hue.

Hue Lighting Requirements

Requires iOS4 and the Philips hue starter pack (3 Philips hue bulbs and hue bridge). Single bulbs can then be added, up to a maximum of 50 per bridge.

About Philips Hue

Philips Hue is leading the charge with smart light to make smarter, better homes. With smart bulbs, light fixtures, lamps, sensors, and smart switches all working together wirelessly, you can set the perfect mood, schedule your lights to turn on and off, and use the best light for every moment of the day.

About Philips

Philips is one of the world’s most trusted lighting brands. Since 1891, Philips has been synonymous with high-quality, reliable, innovative technology that improves people’s lives.

The Philips brand is licensed to Signify, world leader in lighting, for lighting products and services. Philips is Signify’s primary brand for lamps, luminaires and other lighting products for both professionals and consumers.

Signify products carrying the Philips brand cover the complete range of lighting applications, from home, office, and industry to street lighting, horticulture, sports, and more.

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