New Pinterest Features Help You Find What You Actually Love

Emeric Brard
on 31 December 2021

As we know, e-commerce has really taken the upper hand in recent times. With Covid, in-store shopping has become problematic, oftentimes impossible, so businesses have had to adapt.

At the height of the pandemic, services like Pinterest, especially, have become necessary not only for shopping, but for inspiration.

Recently, Pinterest added a whole new array of features to make finding inspiration even easier with Christmas just around the corner.

Collection Slideshow Ads & Ideas Ads


This feature is for advertisers. Brands are now able to promote their catalogues in the form of shoppable slideshows. By combining images and videos, meaning that the ads you receive are now more immersive and personal than ever.

This is also an opportunity for creators to promote their businesses and subsequently make money from Pinterest. With the trialling of ideas ads and paid partnerships, creators can now make a living on the platform.

Ideas ads essentially allow creators to scale down their ads to their target audiences. Since Pinterest’s goal is to inspire, it’s only fitting that their ads are equally as appropriate and effective for users. This will mean that they’ll be able to scale their collaborative content, drive awareness, increase engagement, and build trust with their audience.

Ultimately, customers will be exposed to ads that are relevant to their searches and their interests.

Merchant Details

Brands are also now given the chance to build a stronger connection with their customers. Thanks to this, customers discover the values of the companies they’re buying from, including Eco-friendly, Invested in Good, Responsibly Sourced, Personal Touch and Inclusive aspects.

This program is currently available in Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico, to broaden its marketplace of high-quality merchants and products that inspire Pinners.

“We’re making sure that we’re getting in front of our customers early for the holidays this year. We learnt through Pinterest that people are searching for Christmas early, so we want to make sure we are top of mind when they are thinking about Christmas. On Pinterest, we’re able to show our customers a range of products whether they are searching for inspiration right through to purchase.” Blaine Hudson, Chapter Member – Digital Specialists, The Warehouse Group.

Ahead of the Christmas season, Pinterest’s new features are helping you with your gift ideas, inspiring you at each and every turn.

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