Popular Online Magazine Ponderings Launches App

By Emeric Brard
on 28 January 2020

The online magazine, Ponderings, has recently launched its new app platform for readers of the site to be able to enjoy more immersive content including fresh perspectives, inspiring stories, recipes, meditations and more.

For only $24.95 a year, subscribers will get the benefits of articles and content delivered straight to their inboxes, access to the limited edition printed copy of the Ponderings Print Anthology, access to Ponderings Radio Podcasts and now the Ponderings app with all content easily accessible from any device.

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“Our team curates content for reflection, inspiration and prosperity. We have tried to be super intuitive in listening and pausing a lot to find out what our readers and subscribers really want,” says Ponderings Magazine Chief Editor and App Curator Kirsten Macdonald

Going on from their motto, inspire, reflect, prosper, Ponderings aims to gravitate around positive content – a goal that has proven quite popular amongst the magazine’s readers – with it essentially being a space “that does the work for those seeking a positive, safe space, that is real and emotionally intelligent while helping you laugh and reflect,” Macdonald adds.

It’s attracted the likes of ohn Marsden, Karen Brooks, Clare Bowditch and Libby Trickett who’ve offered interviews and even contributed content.

“We believe Progressive Web Applications are the way of the future, and the rent money we would pay to a host company like Google Play or Apple Itunes – we divert into philanthropic areas. $2 from every paid subscription goes to Vision Australia, an organisation very close to our hearts,” says Macdonald.

To subscribe to Ponderings and receive your app, go to https://ponderings.com.au/subscribe-to-ponderings-magazine/

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