Print Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius Device

Print Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius Device

It’s now easier than ever to fill your home with all the beautiful pictures you take, effortlessly!

Having always been a lover of the humble photograph this fantastic new gadget really caught my eye. Never before have you been able to take a picture and print it seconds later, this really is a  revolutionary little device!

Print Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius Device

Prynt is a case that your phone sits in that allows you to take a picture and print instantaneously! This in itself is great design as it seamlessly encompasses your phone rather than being a separate device that needs to be lugged around.

Print Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius DevicePrint Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius DeviceDeveloped by two engineers with a shared love of artistry and capturing special moments in time, Prynt redefines how we can share our wonderful memories.

One quirky but very cool feature of Prynt is that it stores a short video whilst you are taking a photo so that once you print a picture, you can hover your phone over the picture and it brings it to life, adding another dimension to your picture!

Using a new technology Pyrnt is ink-less which translates into smear proof and longer-lasting pictures! When purchased, it comes with 10 picture papers but more can be purchased in packet  of either 20  or 40.

It comes in three colours; white, black or vibrant teal and is compatible with iPhone 5’s through to 6’s and Samsung Galaxy S5.

Print Your Amazing Pictures Instantly With This Genius DeviceUse the device in conjunction with the app which allows you to add text, frames, filters and much more to your pictures before you print.

Purchase for $149.99 and start printing your memories!

Happy printing!

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Written by Victoria Marszalkowski

Founder and creative director at Luna Life. Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Victoria has a background in Fashion Design which has led her to launch her label Luna Life that caters for yogis and the like, offering unique active gear for an active life.
Victoria loves travelling the globe and all things nutrition and fitness. More recently, her love of health has pushed her to further her studies into Nutritional Therapy while she continues to drive her business forward.


  1. Hi Victoria,
    The Device is indeed a Genius One. Fusing Printing Technology in the Mobile Tech World seems a Revolution now a days. Thanks again for bringing up this wonderful and insightful write-up. Keep Inspiring 🙂





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