Protect All Your Family’s Devices With One Unique Antivirus

By Frederique Bros
on 26 April 2014

At Women Love Tech I love writing about lifestyle technology with a touch of fun, which is why I like to cover many diverse categories to inform and to entertain my readers. Saying that there is one topic that I am always serious about computer viruses. Bitdefender offers you one simple solution, protect all your family’s devices with one unique antivirus – whether you have a PC, a Mac and/or many tablets in the same home. Bitdefender Family Pack will protect all the devices a family member has, the pack can cover 3 to 5 family members!

Let’s see in details how this fabulous Family Pack works.

Bitdefender Family Pack

Family Pack offers all-around security, securing all the PCs/Macs/Android devices in a home with just one license at a great price! Together with a free MyBitdefender account to set up Parental Control, this is all you need to keep your family safe online.

Create a myBitdefender account so you can keep track of all the devices that have Family Pack installed and use services like Parental Control, Anti-theft or Facebook protection.

Protect all your family’s devices

You can use the Bitdefender Family Pack license for all the devices a family member has. Family Pack can cover 3 or 5 family members.

PC Users

Bitdefender Total Security builds on #1 ranked anti-malware technology to secure online transactions, protect mobile devices from loss/theft, automatically back up files, and Tune-Up PCs.

– Protects Online Banking and e-Shopping

– Safeguards laptops from loss or theft

– Keep your kids safe online with Parental Control

– Windows 8 compatible

Mac Users

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac proactively protects Macs against the new breed of Mac viruses. Plus, it destroys Windows viruses (which don’t affect Macs) so that you don’t accidentally pass them on to your family, friends and colleagues using PCs.

– Stops Windows viruses from transmitting to other PCs

– Protects your identity online

– Proactively blocks “Flashback” and any other new malware or spyware

– Keeps to the familiar Mac user experience

Android Devices

Bitdefender Mobile Security provides smart antivirus and web security for devices running Android. Its in-the-cloud scanning technology detects even the latest threats without putting a strain on the battery.

– Protects your Smartphones and Tablets from loss or theft

– Detects & warns you of risky websites

– Cleans any type of mobile malware

– Is feather-light for your battery

Bitdefender Family Pack will be the best investment for your home and family members – I use myself Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, and I simply love the feel to be protected – as I don’t won’t spend hours fixing a virus in my computer or take the risk to see all my docs in the hands of hackers.

It’s also proven between all the antivirus on the market, BitDefender is the strongest one and the most reliable. I have only one thing to say: go for it!

Bitdefender Antivirus offers you one simple solution, protect all your family’s devices with one unique antivirus – whether you have a PC, a Mac and/or many tablets in the same home.

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