Storytelling App ‘Readmio’ Brings Popular Fairytales To Life

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on 1 February 2021

Jozef Simko is a father of three children, and an advocate of reading books to children and a tech entrepreneur.

Using a voice-recognition engine (on-device for respecting privacy) Jozef’s app Readmio creates a theatre-like atmosphere when parents read aloud a fairytale or a bedtime story.
In the app there are more than a hundred folk tales from around the globe to spread the wisdom of old stories. Each of the fairytales is accompanied by sounds and music that are triggered by the parent’s voice only by reading out loud.


Fairytale start-up Readmio recently launched its voice recognition storytelling app. From folk tales to fairytales to Aesop’s fables, parents can now read these well-loved stories to their children as part of an interactive bonding experience.

The Readmio app is designed to bring stories and fairytales to life when read out loud – with accompanying sounds and music triggered by keywords in the story to create a magical experience for children when read to by their parents.

With reading linked to children’s ability to communicate, manage their emotions, and understand the world and different cultures, it is an important part of childhood development. 

With Readmio, popular characters such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, The Three Little Pigs and Puss in Boots come to life in an easy-to-access library of traditional and modern stories, designed to fuel imaginations and improve children’s relationships with storytelling and reading – encouraging both a love of literature and family time. 

About the Readmio app:

  • There are more than 100 stories available including traditional folk tales, fairy tales and modern stories.
  • Stories are currently available in English. German, Spanish and French will be added later in 2021. Bilingual families can enjoy reading together and share their cultural heritage. 
  • Stories are categorised by age: 3-5 years, 5-8 years & 8-11 years; and genre: Editor’s pick, About animals, Folk tales & Aesop’s fables.
  • The app has a recording function so that children can enjoy listening to their parents or family members at any time.  
  • 1,756 unique sounds and effects to accompany the stories.
  • Readmio’s custom on-device voice recognition solution protects family privacy and allows users to read stories even when offline.
  • The app is available on both iOS and Android.

The team behind the app spent more than a year enhancing algorithms that ensured the sounds played at exactly the right time in the story. The content creators also conducted rigorous testing to make sure the app offers the right balance of music and effects so that sounds would not act as a distraction when reading, but would enhance the narrative of the story.


Jozef Simko, co-founder of Readmio says:

“Our inspiration was to create meaningful bonding experiences for parents and children through the magic of reading stories and fairytales. We wanted a product that would not only be a convenient tool for parents to use – but also fun and exciting. As a father, I understand how important reading to my own children is for our relationship. Readmio enhances the experience through voice triggered sounds and music adding to the storytelling adventure”.

About Readmio

Readmio is a Czech start-up focused on creating meaningful bonding experiences for parents and children through the magic of storytelling. The app is designed to bring stories to life through accompanying sound effects and music, triggered by voice recognition technology, creating magical experiences for families to enjoy together. 

Download it for Android or iOS devices today!

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