What Do We Really Want in An iPhone 6

By Frederique Bros
on 8 September 2014

Some of us are having a real love affair with our smartphones, so much that some of us need to do a digital detox! I am guilty of charge for being completely addicted to my iPhone. I check my phone over 50 times per day! The result of this drove me directly to a chiropractor to adjust my neck because apparently, I am looking down too many times on my phone and on the computer keyboard!

I have been talking and writing about the arrival of the iPhone 6 which I’m sure will be announced officially tomorrow – Tuesday 9th of September – I am 98% positive to say Apple will present 2 new iPhone 6, one a bit larger and wider than the existing iPhone 5 and another one much bigger. Also, I have the feeling that Apple will launch their first new smartwatch – so exciting!

So if you’re like me, you will appreciate the beautiful infographic below created by ebay.com.au – Australia’s largest online shopping destination has surveyed Australians about the must-have features the new smartphone needs to attract sales.

EBay has illustrated the results in an infographic, which also shows the different features sought after by men and women.

What Do We Really Want in An iPhone 6

Let’s have a closer look of what you want in an iPhone 6

The most important features we want (and I totally agree with this), are a crack-resistant screen, longer battery life and water resistance.

One of my top wishes is to able to charge the phone wirelessly. Funnily 55% of people over 55 years want a larger screen. I know a friend who needs to grab his reading glasses before checking his phone, and the font size on his phone is massive – but I shouldn’t laugh about it! One day we will need a bigger font and screen to be able to read our phones as they do affect your eyesight in the first place…

There is no surprise on the social media side: 43% of Australians check Facebook on their iPhone, (43% of these people being female) and only 10% of Australians use their iPhone for Instagram. It appears that females are more talkative than men: 81% of us SMS vs. 73% of men who use their iPhones for calls.

61% of us are browsing the Internet on our phones. Actually, I’m a bit surprised by this percentage I would have thought that more people are using their phones to browse the internet.

We are more and more demanding about the quality and services of our smartphones, let’s sit still and see if Apple will deliver the ‘super phone’. Sometimes I think I would love to jump into the future, maybe 5 years ahead, and see how our phones look then.

*The survey of 500 Australians was conducted on behalf of eBay – Australia’s largest shopping destination.

Image Credit: DepositPhotos

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