Rideshare Drivers Need More Tax Support! And Now They Have it

By Emeric Brard
on 1 December 2019

The sharing economy may be booming but when it comes to taxi drivers they are still overwhelmed when it comes to tracking expenses and paying their tax. Now, there’s an “in-hand accountant” for ride-share drivers without the costly fees with a new app called Rideshare.

The aim is to help ride-share drivers pay GST and hand in quarterly BAS (Business Activity Statements) which up to now they’ve received little support to ensure they meet their tax obligations.

With arguably the biggest ride-share company in the world, Uber, already vouching for the app, drivers will finally be given that guidance. For example, Uber drivers will automatically have their riders’ data stored directly into the app; without all the hassle. And not only that, but users will also have access to a digital logbook that will allow them to easily track their earnings. 

The sharing economy is booming, but drivers are becoming overwhelmed with the bookkeeping and tax requirements. Rideshare Tax is a one-stop-shop for rideshare drivers. We’re here to ensure they can drive more and worry less,” says​ Michael Kambourdis, Founder of Rideshare Tax

For just $49 a quarter, users can lodge their BAS reports in the app itself, or download them separately for free. Simple and easy, Rideshare Tax provides professional resources that can help save hundreds of dollars per year.

With 1300 having already signed up, Rideshare Tax plan on launching an equity crowdfund in 2020 to further disperse the awareness across the country; as well as putting in the works partnerships with other rideshare companies like Ola, Shebah, DiDi and Bolt. 

Visit ridesharetax.com.au for more details and to download the app. 

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