Salutem – Let’s Be Safe In Ride Shares Like Uber And Lyft!

By Ron King Jr
on 10 January 2018

Ron King Jr shares his story about why he founded the app Salutem,  an Uber ride sharing application to keep you safe.

Have you ever wondered about the safety of these rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft?  Most people don’t, they just make the ride request, get in the car, and go.

The reality is, most of the time this is just fine and exactly what’s supposed to happen.  I personally take these ride sharing services all the time, in my hometown in the States and when I travel.  I get to meet a tremendous amount of interesting people when I do.

One day, I was in a ride share thinking, there really isn’t a way to communicate where I am should I need assistance.

Sure, I can pick up the phone call one person and hope they pick up and try to look at the road signs in the dark to see exactly where I am.  This is where Salutem (safety in Latin) came about, what if I can build an application that integrated into the rideshare services and created some sort of notification when a person needed help.  Let’s be safe in rideshares like Uber and Lyft!

Salutem is an Uber ride sharing application for your Android smartphone (IOS coming out very soon) that provides notifications to your emergency contacts should you feel uncomfortable on your ride silently.

The app works in a fairly simple way. Simply request your ride with the Uber app to get a driver. Then, open up Salutem and watch the driver on his way to you. When the Uber drivers show up and you are on your way, the Emergency Button is displayed. Pressing the Emergency Button will alert your defined contacts of the driver details (name, make and model of the car, license tag, and phone number) and your current GPS location – notifications continue every 15 seconds until you turn the alerts off. Alerts get turned off by keying in your user-defined PIN you create when you installed Salutem.

The Uber rideshare is the first platform that we are targeting, and Lyft services is not far behind.  So, the Salutem team is trying to do what they can to help make the ridesharing services a more pleasant and safe environment.

Any questions can be directed at or visit for more details.


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