Samsung Pay Could Be The Fashion Accessory Of 2018

By Women Love Tech
on 26 July 2018

You’re not alone if you’ve ever lamented about having to find a purse that matches perfectly with your dress, heels and jewellery combination.

You’re also not alone if you’ve ever wished you didn’t need to carry a wallet at all.

For those of us who consider our purses/handbags as practical fashion accessories, the digital wallet is obviously a dream come true – it’s smart, super-chic and convenient, paperless so it’s environmentally-friendly, and with something like Samsung Pay it’s easy to use for everything, from an on-the-go coffee-and-muffin run to a night out with your friends.

Since most of us can’t do without our phones anyway, using a digital wallet is one hugely practical way to de-clutter our lives. What could be better than being able to store our credit cards and loyalty cards in one seamlessly designed location without the hassle of carrying a purse everywhere we go?

Samsung Pay is perfect that way – it provides you access to all of your banking cards so you can make easy transactions on-the-go. It’s also a very secure system. You know the annoying hassle of having to quickly cancel your bank and card details after losing your wallet or purse? Samsung Pay requires either your fingerprint, an iris scan or a passcode to authorise payments, so there’s no such thing to worry about. Bottom line, not only is Samsung Pay trendy and convenient, but it’s safer and much more reliable than traditional means of paying.

  • Samsung Pay is available at any terminal that accepts contactless “tap-and-go” payments or swipe (MST or Magnetic Secure Transmission), which is available at select Australian banks. Easy authentication via iris, fingerprint or PIN is required to unlock Samsung Pay, and for purchases over $100 a PIN is required on the terminal, similar to using a plastic card. Interestingly, Samsung was the first to integrate this technology in a mobile wallet, which creates a magnetic field that can interact with older payment terminals that only accept swipe payments.
  • Setting up or switching to Samsung Pay from a different digital wallet, is incredibly simple, and has the added functionality of being native to Samsung devices which makes it very easy to use when out and about.
  • You can use Samsung Pay to pay for your purchases online, as well as for in-app payments (at select checkouts), wherever the Samsung Pay logo can be seen.
  • It’s a great option for when you travel abroad! Samsung Pay is available anywhere a contactless payment can be made, including overseas. Using it abroad also carries the added security feature of tokenisation, which can reduce the chance of your card details being skimmed while travelling.

Samsung is the first company in Australia to sign up all the big banks to their smart wallet, making it the easiest, most secure mobile banking wallet on the market, set to transform the fashion world. It’s only July, but we’ve already picked our fashion accessory of the year!

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