Samsung S3 Gear Review: The Smartest Smart Watch Of All

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 6 February 2017

The Samsung S3 Gear is my first experience with a smart watch and, after a few weeks, I already realise I can’t live without it. Smart watches are clearly still a novelty, in the sense that it’s not quite a ‘must have’ in the same way a smartphone tends to be.

But, once you’ve used one for a while, it feels difficult to let it go. For starters, it looks and works like a real watch, but it does so much more.

Samsung describes the S3 as a ‘forward thinking smartwatch that offers a touch of luxury’ and that pretty much sums it up.

The S3 has everything you could wish for: a GPS, a high res OLED screen, an altimetre, storage for your music and – best of all – a long battery life. My only issue is the size – it only weighs 59g but it does feel quite heavy, particularly for a person like me with slim wrists. (In comparison, the Apple Watch 2 weighs 45.6g and the Samsung S2 weighs 42g).

One of the main features of the smartwatch is the stainless steel rotating bezel, to navigate your way around. If you spin it left or right, you’ll be able to scroll through to select apps and go through lists.

The S3 features a stylish metal frame for the 1.3 screen, with two buttons on the side, which are the Home, Apps and back keys. It takes a bit of time to get used to the way it works; you swipe the bezel rather than clicking the actual buttons. The 1.3-inch Super AMOLED screen is fabulously clear and bright, one of the best I’ve seen.

Gear 3 Classic Picture Credit: Samsung

I really liked the heart rate button which lets you track your heart rate – great for those trying to get fit and it’s also helpful to see your heart rate slow down as you’re resting. It’s quite incredible what Samsung has been able to fit in to such a small and stylish package.

All the essential apps are present on the Gear S3 including a messaging app, weather, reminders, calendar, alarm, contacts etc – along with thousands of other apps available from the app store.

While there’s no service for music streaming, you can load your music in the internal storage and play it through Bluetooth or via the S3 integrated speaker.

If you’re not using a Samsung smartphone, you’ll need to install the Gear S plugin and Samsung Accessory service app, and well as the S Health app. If you want to setup Samsung Pay, you’ll need to do that through an Android app but, once again, if you don’t have a Samsung phone you can set it up through the Gear app. Obviously, it’s easier if you have a Samsung phone to begin with.

One thing I love about the S3 is that I’m using my smartphone less and, instead, relying on my watch.

Gear S3 Frontier Picture Credit: Samsung

Samsung Gear S3 Highlights

  • Fast wireless charging: just set it down on the wireless charging dock for a fast charge.
  • Water resistant up to 1.5 metres.
  • Long lasting battery
  • Built in GPS
  • Advanced fitness tracking
  • Answer a call, turn up the volume, turn off your alarm, scroll through apps…all by turning the bezel
  • In built microphone and speaker

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