Women Love Tech Partners With Digital Education Platform

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 6 February 2017

Women Love Tech takes pride in recognising innovative ideas which is why we are delighted to partner with a world first project based educational programme.

It is a start-up called Paper Plane which has been created by some of Australia’s leading education and industry experts.

Essentially Paper Plane is a product that empowers learners, and delivers real benefits to companies – preparing both for the hybrid roles and dynamic workplaces of the future.

Paper Plane projects are seven weeks in length and limited to 10-12 participants, allowing learners to continue working as they learn.

The initial UX design and digital marketing courses provide weekly evening workshops conducted via video conferencing as well as course content delivered digitally so participants can consume on the go full potential.

“I haven’t come across anything like it,” says Women Love Tech‘s publisher Robyn Foyster, the CEO of Foyster Media, who is joined by Scentre Group Westfield and BT Financial Group as one of just three exclusive launch partners.

“For employers like myself it provides the opportunity to work with employees of the future and tap into the pool of talent that’s out there. These learners don’t have preconceived ideas about how things should be done, which opens up a wealth of opportunities. We are really excited to meet and work with tomorrow’s digital marketing superstars.”

In collaboration with Paper Plane, we’re offering you the chance to help us creative marketing strategies for both Women Love Tech and The Carousel.

Women Love Tech is devoted to promoting technology and innovation specifically to a female audience, and it is the perfect channel for our high profile product partners who are increasingly looking for new ways to engage and grow their female audience.

“What we are looking for from learners are innovative marketing strategies for a selected range of tech related products. By delivering these to our partners, we will not only help them grow, but will establish Foyster Media as a leader in the digital marketing arena,” says Robyn.

Managing Director of Paper Plane, Mike O’Brien, has more than 25 years experience in the education sector and believes the gap between what traditional education is able to provide and what the industry demands is still too wide, with 39 per cent of employers citing inadequate training as an issue with new hires.

“We live in a world where having one set of skills or a qualification no longer sustains you throughout a long working life,”

“Progressive employers want to see evidence of a range of relevant skills demonstrated through past experiences.

“The advent of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence has heightened the importance of skills in the areas of creativity, problem-solving, advanced reasoning, complex judgement, social interaction and emotional intelligence,” Mike adds.

“These are the intangible tangibles that employers demand, but the majority of traditional educational system can’t match. In order to bridge the gap, Paper Plane recognised it had to have companies involved with it’s learners working on real projects.”

Paper Plane unites industry and talent by inviting companies to help drive more relevant educational experiences.

The project-led platform serves two customers: empowering businesses to innovate and access a pipeline of talent and for participants providing invaluable hands-on experience with leading brands, no matter where they’re based.

A student in WA can effectively be working for The Carousel, or the Scentre Group Westfield HQ, not on a case study or synthetic project but a live brief demanding genuine innovation and outcomes.

“The live briefs created with our partner companies remove the gap between learning and working” explains Mike.

“You learn by applying and Paper Plane has been developed around that premise, matching an industry need with new talent to learn and create credible solutions together.”

While Paper Plane’s launch projects are focused on UX design and digital marketing, the team is working with leading Australian brands to create a variety of projects in coming months.

“Education for the future is not just a pathway to employment, but a foundation for a life- long learning journey,” says Mike O’Brien.

“Paper Plane’s education platform has been designed to future-proof our workers and our businesses, helping them realise their dreams in anticipation of a vastly changed workplace into the 2020s and beyond.”

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