Sensorwake – The Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up With Scents

Libby Jane Charleston
on February 6, 2017

If you despise being woken up by an alarm clock that buzzes, beeps or plays music you don’t even like, Sensorwake has the answer. It created an olfactory alarm-clock that gradually awakens you from your slumber using pleasant and enjoyable scents.

It allows you to set your alarm and then insert a recyclable capsule inside that means you’ll wake up to one of your favourite smells. When the team behind Sensorwake tested their product – made available thanks to a Kick Starter campaign – they found 99 per cent of people woke up within about two minutes. (In case you’re in the one percentage of those that didn’t wake up, Sensorwake also has a backup with sounds)

When it comes to choosing the scents you’d like to wake up to, the range seems to have something for everybody: espresso, toast, chocolate, lush jungle, peppermint, grass, croissant and even a seaside smell. The capsules can be used as many as 30 times before you need to replace them. (The packs sell for around $15 while the alarm clock sells for $109 and includes a free ‘toast’ capsule).

More than $US 200,000 was raised during the company’s Kickstarter campaign. Founder Guillaume Rolland said in a press release, “Human beings were not meant to wake up with iPhone alarms.”

Find out more information on Sensorwake website.

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