How To Say Good-Bye To Million Of Your Followers

Frederique Bros
on 26 November 2015

Lately some socialites are closing their blog, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts they are also closing the door to millions of their followers. Meaning they closing also their financial incomes via social media.

For Essena O’Neill and Darby Cisneros who have over 2 million Instagram followers, and both have grabbed headlines for quitting social media, for very different, but closely related, reasons.

O’Neill, a Queensland model, renamed her account “Social Media is Not Real Life”, re-captioned many of her pictures to reveal the trouble and pain behind them, then deleted her account altogether.

Essena O’Neill – Why I REALLY am quitting social media – (Original Video)

O’Neill revealed she was paid to promote clothing via her social media and decided to close them down.

Some former friends said O’Neill’s viral YouTube video, in which she described how she decided to quit social media because it promoted an image of life that was “fake”, was a hoax aimed at gaining her more followers.

She has since deleted her Instagram and YouTube accounts, and appears now to be focused on a website ““.

It features a video, “Let’s talk about something more important than me, please?”

She nominated “conversations on transparency online, minimise the celebrity culture, promote veganism, plant based nutrition, environmental awareness, social issues, gender equality, controversial art”, among her aims.

Cisneros is an anti-hipster hipster photographer from Portland, Oregon, who gained 1.3 million followers by skewering social media profiles just like O’Neill’s, then quit because she said her “work here is done”.

Her satirical “Socality Barbie” Instagram account shot to stardom this year after being profiled on Her specialty was perfectly posed, self-consciously “authentic” adventure selfies featuring a hipster Barbie whom, it turns out, she looks like, a bit.

She identified herself in her final post.

Rawvana English – Am I fake on social media?

I really like this girl who is posting videos on YouTube about eating raw and vegan, sh’es real and fresh. Look below why she had to post this video: Fake? This is telling a lot about the pressure of socialites on the Internet and their social media.

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