Screeny: The Innovation Set To Revolutionise Rideshare Travel

By Emeric Brard
on 9 March 2020

Screeny is a new in-vehicle ad platform that can make rideshare and taxi drivers up to $1000 a year. It’s a customised tablet that displays digital ads while also providing passengers handy functions like control over music, local ads and nearby places to eat based on the destination.

“We expect drivers to make more than a thousand dollars a year with Screeny, which should cover their rego and CTP insurance costs and thus lower the barrier to entry for entering the ride-sharing space,”

said Dave Jackson, Screeny’s co-founder and Managing Director

Screeny is not yet available but has already partnered up with the likes of Groupon, restaurant-booking service Quandoo, and Jimmy Brings. Big rideshare companies have also recently announced partnerships with startups that aim to monetise vehicles via advertisements, notably Uber with Cargo and Adomni.

Screeny, Rideshare

Dave Jackson also explained how Screeny, in theory, would work in rideshare vehicles. He said, “if I’m travelling from the CBD to Bondi and I want to browse deals, restaurants, bars and more in the area, when I click the Bondi button, Screeny provides a QR code that redirects my personal device to the relevant opportunities such as Groupon deals near my destination, which I can buy on the spot.“

In the coming months, Screeny is expected to be implemented into around 200 vehicles in two cities, then 400 in three cities, and eventually by the end of this year, about 2000 rideshare vehicles across Australia and New Zealand.

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