Secret Celebrity Hangouts Revealed With Go Where They Go App

Frederique Bros
on 6 February 2014

Ever wondered what Leonardo Dicaprio does for date night? Or where Rihanna hits the dance floor? Now you, too, can enjoy a taste of the serious A-lister life with the development of ‘Go Where They Go’ (GWTG) a star-studded app which explores the places those-in-the-know actually go. Discover secret celebrity hangouts revealed with Go Where They Go App!

Carefully curated to feature only the most alluring of celebrities, GWTG reveals the preferred haunts of the worlds A-listers when in New York, Los Angeles or London. Whether it be the world’s’ hippest restaurants, most fashionable bars, most stylish shops, swankiest hotels or just a beloved old local hangout, GWTG uses a global team of celebrity scouts to collate an up to date list of  celebrity sightings.

GWTG ($0.99) has been created by Amelia Trumble, an Australian now living in New York, who was ostensibly looking to develop a travel tool to help her fellow antipodeans filter out the cool places from the not-so-cool.

How Does It Work?
Select a city

– Los Angeles, New York or London (more to come)

Select an activity between

– Everything

– Consuming

– Playing

– Lodging

– Shopping

Press Go

– It will show you all the celebrities went to cafes, restaurants, hotels with months, the list is regularly updated.

All content is curated by a team of celebrity experts, personally verifying every single sighting and publishing them so you can easily search for your favorite stars. To ensure we give our celebs some privacy, all content is published approx. 24hours after each sighting – This is not a stalking app!

Don’t forget to check the app regularly – things change very fast in the world of an A-lister!

In this release:

– over 1000 sightings

– ability to search by celebrity or location name

– compatibility with iOS7

“All of my family and friends who visit New York are always looking to immerse themselves in the glamour and excitement of this amazing city”, says Trumble.

“Through the sheer power of celebrity, there is that inferred quality which they bestow just by association, so GWTG helps you follow hot on the heels of the A-list, allowing both tourists and locals alike to get that edge when it comes to making choices about where to head out – kind of like a compass for all things cool!

“Whilst social media has made us feel closer to our favourite celebrities through the ability to follow them personally across various platforms, there still remains that elusive barrier between we mere mortals and the A-list but GWTG hopes to get everyone close to, or even behind, that velvet rope,” says Trumble.

The app features the ability to search via celebrity or location name, with this release featuring over 1500 sightings. GWTG listings are currently also in development for Las Vegas, Miami and Paris.


“Divine brilliance.”

Images: Media 3 & GWTG

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