Snap Announces 3 Big Additions: Funding, Updates, And More!

By Emeric Brard
on 15 December 2020

Snap recently announced three additions to its Lens Studio in the wake of community Lenses hitting a huge milestone of 1 trillion views! From funding to updates to Snap’s most popular tool, we’re going to look at the latest from Snap.

#1 “Lens Fest”

Lens Fest, Snap

A key change was the hosting of its first-ever public, multi-day virtual event called “Lens Fest” that allowed creators and developers of AR content to further explore the possibilities of augmented reality in tandem with Snap.

The first session involved the likes of Snap co-founder, Bobby Murphy, other leading figures in the AR platform, and creators like Phil Walton who is behind the fan-favourite potato lens!

Here are some key highlights from the event:

#2 Funding

In light of community Lenses reaching one trillion views, Snap announced an investment of $3.5 million to expand its support of AR creators and developers. This funding will open the door to even more AR opportunities for Lens creators, including sponsored projects, connecting personal passions to lenses, and participation in Snaps’s AR Creator Residency Program.

Lens Studio
Lens Studio

#3 Lens Studio upgrade

Update 3.3 to this extremely popular tool will see improvements in creator workflows as a result of better tools and increased access to high-end resources. Snap has also added new features to Lens Studio that will save creators time and improve the overall quality of the lenses they create.

To read about all the new features and changes to Lens Studio, click here.

Feature image via The Verge.


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