Social Keyboard Glyffy Helps You Create Your Own Personalised Emojis

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 11 January 2017

It’s easy to get addicted to the use of emojis and smileys as they’ve evolved from something initially thought of as ‘juvenile’ to becoming a  convenient way to express emotions and moods without typing too much.

Since more and more people are using various instant messaging apps such as FB, WhatsApp, iMessage and many more, it’s only natural that emojis have grown more and more popular. However, that has also brought a bit of stagnation and repetitiveness in the process as everybody is using them for all sorts of occasions.

This is exactly where a idea like Glyffy can be very useful as it helps to personalise the whole emoji experience.

Glyffy is basically a community based service where the user can turn their own photos and videos to memes or emojis and use them while interacting with their friends. It can also be called a social keyboard. As it will use your own photographs, this lends a more personal touch and will only be meaningful to the user and his close friends.

For example, one can use a photograph that features both the user and the person he is are talking to and turn it into an emoji. The other person will recognize the occasion and this will convey a lot more meaning than a generic emoji.

“We imagined what it would be like to invent a new visual language in which users themselves contributed the building blocks. We call these building blocks ‘glyffs’, and together they form this new, crowd-sourced language designed for communicating on today’s messaging platforms,”said Errol Hula, founder of Glyffy.

The other interesting thing it does is that it saves these emojis for future use. Both the user and the person who received the emoji can save, access, and use the same in the future. So, over time, users develop their own bank of emojis to be summoned on demand.

Glyffy is currently available on iMessage but it is just the beginning and it aims to make itself available on all popular platforms very soon so that people can communicate with each other with more personal and emotional involvement.


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