How To Stand Out With Digital Christmas Greetings 

By Libby Jane Charleston
on 23 December 2021

Social Media Worldwide founder Corinna Essa told Women Love Tech it’s crucial to be original with your social media and online Christmas greetings or they might have a negative impact.

“Because more and more people are sending online Christmas greetings via social media and email, it’s less special when someone receives one unless it’s original,” Essa said.

“You have to be really creative with your greetings.”

She said in the last three to four years, the amount of online Christmas greetings had ‘gone crazy’ on social media.

“Before, people would prepare cards for months in advance. Now, it’s become a last minute thing,” she said.

IBISWorld research has shown revenue in the greeting card industry has dropped 3.2 per cent over the last five years.

The $4.8 billion greeting card industry is expected to continue its decline, falling 3.8% annually from 2016 to 2021, it said.

Essa has some tips for making a lasting impact with their online Christmas greetings this year.

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Customise your e-cards. It can feel worse for the recipient thinking that the same message you sent was sent to many more people.

Spend time putting together an e-card so it doesn’t come across as a last-minute substitute for a real card.

Make them personal. Make them about you and the recipient to underline how that relationship is special. Don’t forget to state the recipient’s name in your e-card to make it more personal.

The earlier they are sent the better. Ideally, this means sending them at the beginning of December as many people close for business a few weeks prior to Christmas.

Use sophisticated graphic design so it doesn’t come across as a cheaper, cost-cutting alternative to a real card.

Make the message trigger emotions (either make them laugh or move your recipient) to make it a memorable card that stands out from all the noise.

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