Stay Connected When Working From Home With Streamlined Video Calls

By Pamela Connellan
on 26 March 2020

With lockdown measures in force, the number of people working from home is booming. To make this as productive as possible you need reliable and cost-effective programs to keep you connected with your co-workers. There are many options out there but for video calls, Skype, Zoom, Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are some of the options.

Circuit is a newer video conferencing and audio communication program which is becoming more popular and it has a few extra features for the work environment.

With Circuit you can:

  • Set up regular video conference calls with your work colleagues instead of emailing too much. This way you can go over the issues you’re working on – all at the same time. People can raise questions during the call so there’s far less confusion. You can set up a Video Conference Call with Circuit very easily and people will get used to joining in.
  • Circuit turns meetings into shared Circuit Spaces with all associated files, recordings of voice and video, conversations and participants kept on Circuit for the record. By keeping all these conversations and content available, Circuit makes meetings more meaningful.

  • Circuit makes it easy to start, follow and participate in conversations, regardless of the format or device. Text messages, chat records, addresses and tags are all indexed alongside contact information and email messages, all of which are stored and available for comprehensive searching.
  • Voicemails, phone calls, and video-conferences are automatically recorded for an easily-referenced record of meetings, and can be transferred from laptop to phone. SMS messages appear on tablets and desktops.
  • Someone can even type in Minutes for the meeting as it progresses as Circuit has an area where text can be typed while the meeting is underway – and all participants can see this.
  • If you want to ask a question or speak in the video conference, you simply type this in and all participants can see it.
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