Steal These Moves With Steezy Studio Online Dance Classes

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on 4 July 2021

Steezy allows you to take a dance class anytime and anywhere. You can learn a variety of dance styles including hip hop, contemporary, dance workout, K-pop, ballet, popping, locking, jazz, lite feet, heels, house and krump.

You can watch via your desktop, mobile device or TV via Chromecast.

Steezy Studio Features

  • Over 1000 classes and 100s of instructors
  • More than 10 beginner programs
  • You can switch views to watch the class from the front or back
  • Loop moves to repeat any section while you practice
  • Mirror video for people who like to just copy the instructor
  • Control the video speed for the right tempo
  • View sections with labels and time stamps
  • Camera mode enables you to use your webcam and dance next to the instructor

There are step by step classes suitable for all levels, even if you have two left feet.

When you first join, you’ll need to set up your dance preferences. This will include your dance experience level, goals, categories and preferred session length.

The website is easy to use. You’ll see the main menu down the left-hand side includes a dashboard, classes, categories, instructors, saved, history and party.

The introductory programs are designed for adults getting started.

Steezy Studio recently added foundational programming for three new dance styles – ballet, contemporary and jazz.

“We see this launch as a moment in time to eliminate some incredibly long-standing barriers. Typically, receiving quality dance instruction of any style has been reserved for those with access to big cities and the necessary financial means. Many adults might also feel like they have missed the ‘cutoff age’ to begin their dance journey,” said STEEZY Studio Director of Content, Jessie Ma. “Our virtual platform gives us an opportunity to break down the non-inclusive walls of styles like ballet. Everyone is welcome to take their first steps with STEEZY. We aim to create an accessible and intimidation-free space for people of all backgrounds, ages and experience levels to learn and practice dance.”

The ‘Intro to Ballet’ program is designed as a five-week course that can be taken at the learner’s own pace. It is presented by The English National Ballet’s Brittany Cavaco. The course contains 25 foundational classes that focus on key milestone completion, starting with positions and barre and building up to turns, jumps and variations.

Steezy Studio trainers include:

  • Entity Contemporary Dance’s Karen Chuang, who has toured with artists including Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and Lady Gaga
  • Dominique Kelley, who collaborates with the likes of Beyoncé, Janet Jackson, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus.
  • Laura Ann Smyth of the Regina Klenjoski Dance Company
  • Harper Watters of The Houston Ballet

“Dance is more than movement – it’s an outlet for self-expression that’s packed with mental and physical benefits. Practising dance has always had niche relevance, but we’re now seeing it go mainstream, partly due to the pandemic and platforms like TikTok,” said STEEZY Studio Co-Founder & President, Connor Lim. “We have STEEZY members all over the world getting in on the dance action and joining the community. We’re excited to welcome even more new dancers with the addition of these great styles.”

Steezy Studio Review

I’m loving my dance classes. The website has a beautiful next level user interface. I can see my day’s schedule and swap them out with other sessions. After I’ve finished my first class it shows how many classes I have completed and the total minutes spent.

The month view shows my weekly dance goal of 3 days per week with my weekly streak. I can view my total minutes spent exercising and how many classes I have completed.

I love how the daily program is split up into smaller doable sessions. You can complete them all in one go, but I like to break up my day with a couple of different sessions.

I can now dance the Dougie and hip-hop. I danced to Janet Jackson’s All Nite (Don’t Stop) while hubby cooked up a big breakfast.

Steezy is a super fun way of exercising and learning to dance. It’s perfect for anyone who can’t get to a gym.

Membership options start at US$8.33 per month. After your seven-day trial, you can join up with a monthly or yearly membership. For more information and to start your free one-week trial today, visit

About Steezy Studio

STEEZY Studio is a dance technology company that makes it fun and easy to learn dance online. The company’s 1,000+ online dance classes are available via iOS, Android, or any web browser. STEEZY Studio brings access to high-quality instruction and choreography to people across the world, with a global community spanning over 100 countries. The company specializes in beginner-level instruction, allowing dancers of all levels to learn a wide variety of styles from traditional studio techniques to street style choreography.

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