Streaming: Need A Change From The Olympics – Why Not Test Drive The Latest Tesla Plaid?

By Pamela Connellan
on 31 July 2021

We’re all enjoying the Olympics but sometimes it’s good to have a break – so what else is streaming? Well, you can watch renowned YouTuber, Marques Brownlee, gives us his impressions of the Tesla S Plaid. He shows us how Tesla literally reinvented the wheel with a first look at how this car drives. He had a laundry list of thoughts about the car, including the yoke that may be a bit over the top… only it has no top. You’ll have to watch this yourself to understand but it’s worth it.

Tesla Model S PLAID Impressions: Reinventing the wheel! with Marques Brownlee is streaming here on YouTube…

Reservation Dogs is a new series directed by Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo 

There’s also the new comedy series from well-known New Zealand director, Taika Waititi – and Sterlin Harjo – called Reservation Dogs. It’s all about the exploits of four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma who steal, rob and save in order to get to the exotic, mysterious and faraway land of California.

It’s not so often you see a series with such a strong sense of place as Reservation Dogs. Set in and shot in Oklahoma with a cast, set of directors and writers’ room made up entirely of Indigenous people, this series lets us in to a world we rarely see. The characters are trying to escape the rural place that is their home but we see it’s also a community where they’re all connected in some way or another.

Reservation Dogs is streaming now on Binge…

The sixth season of The Hills is now out

Or there’s the new series – the sixth season – of an iconic reality show called The Hills streaming now on Binge. You can now watch all six seasons as this series follows Lauren and her friends as they chase their dreams in Los Angeles, balancing a full study schedule at college with their hectic social lives.

The six seasons of The Hills are streaming now on Binge…

A new Australian series called The End is now streaming

You could take a look at an Australian series called The End. This is a dark comedy, surrounding three generations of a family trying to navigate life and death, and finding the beauty that lies between. The series has 10 episodesand stars well-known Australian actress, Noni Hazlehurst, along with Dame Harriet Walter (Succession, The Crown, Killing Eve) and Frances O’Connor (The Missing, Mansfield Park).

The End is a story that’s been a long time in the making with its genesis in the very first script that Samantha Strauss wrote as a short film as a 19-year old when she was still living at home with her parents. The whole season is now streaming on Binge.

The new series called The End is streaming now on Binge…

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Streaming: Watch The Olympic Games

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