Tech Gift Guide for Father’s Day

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 2 August 2021

Here are some of our tech suggestions for Father’s Day gift ideas:


A Chipolo finder is a small way to ensure Dad can always find his keys or wallet. Look out for the Ocean Edition which is the world’s first item finder made from recycled fishing nets.

DIY Watch Club

Dad can make his own mechanical watch at home with the DIY watch club. The kit contains everything you need and the right tools. There are ample instructional videos to view. DIY Watch Club website:

Elgato Green Screen

This collapsible green screen lets you video conference like a pro. It allows you to hide your messy kitchen or bookshelf and swap it out for something more aesthetically pleasing. It’s easy to set up with the pneumatic x-frame automatically locking your canvas in place.

PlayStation DualSense charging station

The PlayStation DualSense charging station is ideal for charging two controllers, so you’re ready to play. The station features an easy click dock for up to two DualSense wireless controllers. This allows you to free up USB ports for other devices and provides an attractive dedicated home for them.

Polaroid Go

Polaroid Go is a mini version of the retro camera. It’s a point and shoot instant camera which is easy to hold and travel with. It’s the world’s smallest analogue instant camera.

Stealth Headset Stand

If Dad leaves his gaming or webcam headsets lying around near his desk, then he might appreciate a dedicated headset stand. These stands are currently available in white, lime green, cobalt blue and black.

Theragun Elite

Theragun is one of the best self-massage tools on the market. The Elite model is a sleek black device that is quieter than ever. It delivers a powerful way to increase mobility and reduce muscle tension. You can integrate it with a personalized app.

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