Plant Life Balance App: Style Your Space With The First VR Green App

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on October 29, 2017

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can blend style and technology in one in terms of beautifying your space? Well, now you can experience the first virtual greening app that uses augmented reality to confidently style homes with plants while also promoting the health and wellbeing benefits it brings.

Plant Life Balance, the first greening app, will surely draw attention not only for those with green thumbs but as well people who love to style their space with greeneries.

The new app, blends style and new sciences taking users on a journey to find the perfect plants for their humble abode.

Style Your Home With Greenery

Australians get to experience first this app. Just like IKEA’s IKEA place app, users get to improve their space through drag and drop feature. They are also guided to take a photo of their living area and select the number and size of plants in the space.

The app draws upon collated plant studies from RMIT University and the University of Melbourne who are part of the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub, to give a rating on how healthy their space is.

There are over 90 plant recommendations in the app, from Birds of Paradise to Night Blooming cactus. The app is not made only for styling but also to educate users on how to improve their quality of living at the comforts of their homes, offices or any space.

Plant Life Balance has an interactive styling tool designed by horticulturist, Georgina Reid from The Planthunter – which features seven unique plant looks to try in your space.

According to Alex Marshall, Head of Creative and Strategy from Circul8, the app can help people visualise their own unique space. It also gives the users the unique experience to “try before you buy”, and when they’re ready to purchase, the app creates a tangible shopping list of real plants for easy purchase.

The Science

In order to help people improve their plant life balance, the researchers shared a simple rule of thumb based on scientific evidences, studies and inform the basis for the app’s functionality.

To improve air quality, simply add one medium sized plant to a medium-sized room. This increases the air quality up to 25%.

To improve well being, putting 5 or more plants in your space promotes feelings of healthiness, being more happier, improves concentration and productivity.

“Our aim was to take the world of research and synthesise the knowledge into a scale of benefits provided by plants by grouping them into two categories: air quality and wellbeing,” said lead researcher, Dominique Hes, Director of the Thrive Research Hub at the University of Melbourne and part of the Clean Air and Urban Landscapes Hub.

The app, which has been developed with the nursery industry, can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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