Teach Us Consent Founder Chanel Contos Collaborates With Tinder To Help Young Adults Navigate Online Dating

Alice Duthie
on 27 November 2023

Tinder has announced the launch of School of Swipe in Australia, a crash course in online dating. The resource was crafted in collaboration with consent advocate Chanel Contos.

Chanel is the founder and CEO of Teach Us Consent, a campaign that was responsible for mandating consent education in Australia. Teach Us Consent continues to advocate for and provide holistic consent education. Chanel has worked closely with politicians from across the politician spectrum, including Prime Ministers, to achieve significant reforms in Australia.

Australia’s School of Swipe will include a new and improved safety syllabus thanks to Chanel, plus a new ‘Don’t Be An Ick’ syllabus which offers advice on handling rejection, addressing bad behaviours, and understanding dating etiquette.

The program aims to inspire a dating experience for singles that is both fun and safe – from setting up a profile to meeting on the first date. It’s packed with tips to strike up a good conversation and make strong connections. It also educates singles on the ABCs (Awareness, Boundaries and Consent) of safety, as well as public and neutral places to meet a match in real life for the first time, like cafés.

teach us consent

Chanel’s Dating Dictionary: Consent Edition features in the School of Swipe, and helps educate young singles on key terms and phrases to ask for, give, and revoke consent.

Chanel explained, “Matching with someone new is such an exciting experience. It’s easy to be swept away whilst you’re vibing with them, and overlook red flags or not realise what may be inappropriate with your own behaviour.

“School of Swipe is such a great resource that reminds us of the importance of how we communicate and practise consent as well as the other things we can all do to interact safely, act sensibly and still have fun – both online and offline,” Chanel added.

Tinder’s commitment to safety began with mutual matching, where both users must express interest before chatting. Over time, Tinder has continually enhanced safety with new features, striving for a more respectful and secure online dating experience. This includes the launch of the Dating Safety Guide earlier this year, the introduction of Block Contacts and Video Verification, as well as further investment into best-in-class functionalities, such as Are You Sure? and Does This Bother You?

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