Tech Gift Guide for Best Friends

By Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 26 August 2021

I like to buy gifts early and whenever I find a good idea. So if you’re looking for something cool or innovative, I’ve created a shortlist of some of the latest tech toys on the market. Here are some of our suggestions for buying your best friend a tech gift:

Fujifilm Instax Camera

You can even print a screenshot from your favourite Nintendo game, send it to your smartphone and then print it out. Perfect for capturing your winning moments and scores. You’ll need an Instax mini Link Printer. Fujifilm Instax website:

LG XBOOM PL7 Bluetooth speaker

LG has released a XBOOM PL7 Bluetooth speaker perfect for someone who likes to listen to podcasts, music and the radio.  It features Meridian Audio technology, with enhanced bass, clear vocals and rich treble. It is driven by the Dual Action Bass feature, which uses passive radiators to pump out dynamic bass and immersive beats that dad can both feel and hear. You can connect via Bluetooth and control the speakers from a mobile device. This works better with two connected speakers for create an immersive sound experience. It is splash-proof and proved up to 24 hours battery life. RRP AUD$259 LG Australia website:


Lovebox is a cute little box that provides connected messages via an app. The heart spins to let you know you have a message. Lovebox is available in colour with photos, or original with black and white messages. You can send messages, stickers and drawings. A perfect gift for long-distance relationships, shift workers or anyone who needs to be away from their family or friends.

National Geographic Collection by Orbitkey

Orbitkey has released a collection of limited-edition Cactus leather key organisers. The topographic patterns are inspired by the mountains, oceans and stars. The key organisers stop your keys from scratching and jiggling while you’re out hiking or exploring.

Every Key Organiser purchase from this collection helps support the global non-profit National Geographic Society in its work to protect and illuminate our world through exploration, research and education.  Orbitkey website:

PlayStation Media Remote

If your friend has a PlayStation, then they might like a media remote controller. It has handy shortcut buttons for your favourite streaming services, like Disney, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube. It’s a great way to access and control your entertainment with its intuitive layout.

Polaroid Now Camera

Polaroid has a popular range of Now Cameras. They come in classic black, black and white, white, blue, green, mint green, pink, red and yellow. Capture your friends, family and life in an analogue format so you can cherish and appreciate the moments. Polaroid Australia website:

Typo Australia

Typo has a fun range of gamer food bowls, cups, stationery and other on-trend gift ideas. Typo website:

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