This Bridgerton Dress Made of Aldi Chocolate Wrappers Has Gone TikTok Viral

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 19 June 2024

Cottagecore, Barbiecore and Farmcore have all had their moment in the style spotlight. This season it’s all about Aldicor. With the supermarket famed for its weekly Special Buys also capturing the hearts of fashionistas and foodies via its latest viral sensation: a stunning Bridgerton-inspired gown made entirely from the brand’s popular Knoppers bars. And, it’s not just the grocery gang who have gone ga-ga for the look. With TikTokers buzzing with excitement over a video that’s garnered over 195K views and 34K comments.

The star? Melbournian content creator Anastasia. Who surprised her followers after being gifted a one-of-a-kind dress crafted from more than 300 Knoppers bars by designer Melissa Fallshaw. Spending a whopping 45 hours meticulously stitching together the chocolate-topped hazelnut-flavoured wafer bars, Melissa created a masterpiece that brings new meaning to the idea of looking “good enough to eat”.

As one Aldi spokesperson added, “This one-of-a kind cocoa couture ensemble will be sure to turn heads. In a very ‘Good, Different’ way, wherever Ana goes.” 

For those sans-sweet tooth, Knoppers bars are a favourite among Aldo shoppers. Popular for both their low price and lush taste. With many – like Anastasia – professing their love for the snack.

The timing of this fashion feat couldn’t be more perfect. Coinciding with the final instalment and Netflix’s third season of Bridgerton. Anastasia herself expressed disbelief at the gown’s elegance. “I’ve always adored Knoppers and I’m a huge Aldi fan, but never did I imagine Aldi surprising me with a dress that feels straight out of Bridgerton! It’s couture, but make it Aldicore.”

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