Adobe and TikTok: The Collaboration We Didn’t Know We Needed

By Marie-Antoinette Issa
on 18 June 2024

In news just in from the Cannes Lions International Festival for Creativity, Adobe and TikTok today unveiled a strategic integration aimed at revolutionising content creation for social media. The collaboration sees TikTok’s vast Commercial Music Library becoming accessible directly within Adobe Express through the Symphony Assistant add-on. This development marks a significant leap forward in empowering marketers and creators to craft compelling TikTok content seamlessly and effectively.

What does the Adobe and TikTok collab mean for creatives?

Adobe Express, renowned for its AI-powered content creation capabilities, now integrates TikTok’s Commercial Music Library via the Symphony Assistant add-on. This integration allows users to harness over a million pre-cleared songs and sounds curated by TikTok for commercial use. For businesses and creators, this means effortless access to a diverse range of music styles and genres. All within a platform designed to streamline the creative process.

Research underscores the critical role of sound in shaping brand identity and consumer engagement on TikTok. In fact, a staggering 88% of TikTok users emphasise the importance of sound in their viewing experience. Illustrating its profound impact on audience perception and purchasing decisions. By embedding TikTok’s Commercial Music Library into Adobe Express, Adobe aims to democratise access to high-quality, rights-cleared music. Thereby eliminating the complexities associated with music licensing, as a result.

Content, connections and compelling storytelling

Andy Yang, Global Head of Creative Product at TikTok, highlights the partnership’s commitment to enhancing creative capabilities.

“Creativity is the core of TikTok. Content, communities, and cultures are all directly connected to, and built by, creativity on the platform,” he says. “We are continuously building and investing in creative solutions to help our brands be creative storytellers and connect with the TikTok community. We are excited to further expand our partnership with Adobe, giving brands the tools to soundtrack their TikTok content and create at scale.”

For users of Adobe Express, the Symphony Assistant add-on serves as a virtual collaborator, guiding the creation of TikTok-first content with expert insights and trend analysis. From ideation to execution, this integration empowers marketers to leverage popular music trends and optimise their content for maximum impact. Whether it’s capitalising on viral music trends or tailoring soundtracks to specific audience demographics, Adobe Express equipped with TikTok’s music library opens new avenues for creative expression.

A match made in music and digital marketing heaven

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Adobe as it solidifies its role as a TikTok Marketing Partner. And the commitment to leveraging its creative prowess to enhance digital marketing capabilities. By integrating TikTok’s music resources directly into Adobe Express, the partnership aims to streamline workflows and amplify creative output across industries. Similarly, as TikTok continues to redefine digital storytelling, partnerships like these underscore the platform’s commitment to innovation and user empowerment. By joining forces with Adobe, TikTok not only expands its music library’s accessibility but also enriches the creative landscape for millions of content creators worldwide.

Starting today, Adobe Express users – both free and Premium – can seamlessly integrate TikTok’s Commercial Music Library through the Adobe Symphony Assistant add-on.


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