The Crown’s Emma Corrin Joins All Star Line Up In New App – Alexander

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on December 26, 2020

There’s a new app which would make William Shakespeare proud because its basic premise is to attract audiences through immersive story-telling.

What’s more Alexander does this via a digital platform bringing together written, audio and film formats to present original non-fiction stories. It also features an incredible cast of actors such as The Crown’s Emma Corrin, who currently stars as the late Princess Diana on Netflix.

Academy Award nominees Helena Bonham Carter and Richard E Grant, Golden Globe winner Bill Nighy, David Tennant and Dan Stevens also provide stunning audio performances.

Plus, Colum McCann, Xiaolu Guo, Booker Prize nominated Chigozie Obioma, theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli and Valeria Luiselli are among the writers.

‘It’s thrilling to plunge into someone else’s world and be taken somewhere unexpected,’ says UK actress Helena Bonham Carter – and that’s exactly what Australian-born film producer Cameron Lamb was planning when he created the Alexander app.

The Crown
The Crown on Netflix

‘Alexander is for a global audience starved of those intimate, transporting stories that give real access to international and unexplored subjects and places,’ says Sydney born Cameron.

“I wanted to bring together the three mediums to deliver an immersive world and commissioning brilliant writers and actors will capture audiences from the moment they drop into the app.  It’s a unique experience. You get the chance to dwell in the deep heart of a story.”

Every two weeks Alexander will release an original English-language feature in its subscription application.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect on the Alexander app


By J.M. Ledgard with audio performance by David Tennant and film by Russ Murphy. Traveling from the remote islands of the Torres Strait to the waters of the Arabian Gulf in search of the elusive dugong, Ledgard looks to both past and future in the race to preserve a species in the Anthropocene Age. 

Killing in the Year of the Pig

By Xiaolu Guo with audio performance by Guo and film by Derek Zheng. Guo revisits the China of her childhood to unfold the story of two mass-murdering brothers and their months-long killing spree that transfixed a nation.

When the Risen Dust Settles” 

By Chigozie Obioma with audio performance by Ṣope Dìrísù and film by Zacker Canaperi and Drea Cooper. Nigeria’s Caritas University is ruled by the arbitrary discipline of a charismatic Catholic priest. Students are kept in dormitories without sanitation, barred from outside contact, beaten for misbehavior, and summarily expelled. When Obioma’s curiosity makes him question the institution and its founder, he becomes the main target for the culture of control.


By Jonathan Freedland with audio performance by Richard E. Grant and film by the McGloughlin Brothers. What happens when culture loses its memory and truth can’t be trusted? Jonathan Freedland, one of the world’s top political reporters, meets the people around the globe who are fighting against tech-age misinformation, Holocaust denial and the War on Facts. 

In addition to new original features, Alexander also includes a curated library of historical non-fiction stories that have stood the test of time, freshly packaged in the Alexander experience.

About Alexander

Alexander brings global stories into accessible, captivating immediacy with high-quality original non-fiction storytelling in an audience-friendly technology experience. Every two weeks, Alexander releases an original English-language feature in its subscription application. Created by the world’s best storytellers, each feature comprises a commissioned written narrative by an award-winning author complemented and enhanced by an audio performance by A-list acting talent and a super short film of the story as interpreted by a visionary filmmaker.

Visit or download the app on iOS

Monthly subscription rates begin at $3.99/£3.99 following a 14-day complimentary trial. The app will be available for Android in early 2021.  


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