The Five Best Money Apps To Help You Meet Your Financial Goals

Hannah Lising-White
on 31 December 2022

From bills to banking and everything in between, keeping tabs on your money isn’t always easy. But in this day and age, your tablet or smartphone can be the key to regaining control of your finances. The secret is to know which apps to download.  

Unsure where to begin? We’ve rounded up some of the best money-saving apps to help you better manage your budget and start kicking those financial goals.

You want to start investing: Raiz

The share market has plunged in recent months, providing new opportunities for first-time investors to make a profit (provided they do their research). If you’re new to investing or unsure how to get started, why not enlist the services of a micro-investment app?


Micro-investing is where you invest small amounts of money to help build up a profitable return over time. The idea is simple – gradually adding funds to your investment portfolio gives you the potential to earn more than you would if you put the funds in a standard savings account.

There are scores of micro-investing apps to choose from, but if you want to start off small, then Raiz can be a suitable option. The Raiz app rounds up digital spare change from your daily purchases and invests this money into a portfolio of exchange traded funds (ETFs). There are six different portfolios to choose from based on your risk appetite, and you have the option to set up recurring payments or make lump-sum instalments as well.

Cost: $2.50 per month for accounts under $10,000, or 0.275% p.a. for accounts above $10,000

You want to save money on your financial products: The Finder app 

Are you getting the best deal on your credit card? Is there a better savings or home loan interest rate out there? The Finder app can help by analysing your savings potential across four common financial products – home loans, savings, health insurance and credit cards.


finder app

When signing up to the app, you have the option to connect your main accounts, including your savings, home loan, credit card and superannuation. The app will analyse your financial products and spending, and notify you of your spending trends and potential savings to be had if you were to switch to another provider– whether you decide to switch is entirely up to you.

Cost: Free 

Your fridge is covered in IOUs: Splitwise

Bill splitting is tedious. Whether you need to pay a group restaurant bill or buy a new washing machine for your share house, it can be hard keeping track of who owes what. Not to mention the awkwardness that comes from having to chase friends or housemates for money.

This is where bill-splitting apps like Splitwise can come in handy. The app allows you to create your own “groups” such as housemates, friends or travel buddies. You can then lodge relevant expenses like a restaurant dinner or accommodation booking, and the app will allocate allotments to group members. You have the option to do an equal split or allocate specific amounts to certain people. Say goodbye to haggling headaches.

Cost: Free

You want to teach your kids about money: Spriggy 

ATMs aren’t magical money dispensers – and neither are you! As any parent knows, helping kids to grasp the concept of money can be difficult, especially in an almost-cashless society.

Spriggy App

If your kids receive a regular allowance, Spriggy can help them to understand the value of money and budgeting between paydays. Instead of giving your child physical cash, you can transfer the funds into their Spriggy account. The app comes with a linked prepaid Visa debit card and allows kids and parents to track purchases and saving goals together. Keep in mind that the app is intended for kids aged between 6 and 17.

Cost: $30 per year per child

You want to save money when shopping online: The Groupon app

Obsessed with hunting for discounts? Whether you’re after a coupon for your next dinner date, a cheap hotel for a weekend away or a discounted spa voucher, Groupon can save you some serious cash.


The Groupon app provides access to hundreds of deals across Australia, with prices slashed by up to 70%. The app spans a huge range of categories including restaurants, fashion, travel, electronics, hairdressers and more.

Cost: Free

Thank you to Bessie Hassan, a money expert at Finder, for her article.

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