The GIGABYTE AORUS: The New 4K Gaming Monitor

By Max Wilson
on 5 May 2021

Gaming consoles are constantly upgrading and sales are through the roof. Many of these new generation consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X,  have newfound capabilities in frame rates and resolution. Therein lies a problem as many monitors are unable to support such advancements. Gigabyte’s new AORUS 4K gaming monitors are the solution to these problems.

Coming with a full HDMI 2.1 compatibility at a 4K resolution, the monitors can perform at up to a 144Hz refresh rate and have a 0.5ms response time. This will allow any serious gamers to get the most out of their gaming experience.

The display itself is a VESA certified DisplayHDR 1000, bringing a higher dynamic range to the games. Gigabyte brings versatility to the forefront with their Space Audio system.  This gives users four sound modes to choose from: VS, First Person Shooter, Movie, and even Live Concert.

The Three Monitors sizes: Gigabyte

In tandem with great performance, Gigabyte has developed exclusive features for their AORUS Monitors. These were previously only being available on PC but now compatible with all consoles. These in-game enhancements include Aim Stabilizer, Black Equalizer, and Active Noise Cancellation.

With a slick and sharp design, the monitors are sure to blend into any space. The design speaks to its modern approach, where patterns and lighting have been digitally constructed and mapped onto the monitor. They are easily placed on a stand and are compatible with VESA wall mounts.

GIGABYTE AORUS 4K tactical gaming monitors are available now. They come in sizes ranging from 32-inch, 43-inch to 48-inch for gamers to choose from. For more details about the AORUS 4K display lineup and their strong gaming feature sets click here.

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