May The 4th Be With You: Job Skills From Star Wars

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 4 May 2021

May the Fourth Day is the day Star Wars fans celebrate the iconic Star Wars film. From cosplay to movie marathons, there are plenty of ways to do this. If rewatching the series is on your agenda then you may be interested to know you can discover a lot about transferrable skills whilst enjoying the movie.

Here is a guide from SEEK to uncover a range of unexpected transferable job skills from watching the G.O.A.T this May the Fourth. 

  • Luke Skywalker – The Student Turned Jedi Master. Inspired and adventurous, with a big love for learning, Luke Skywalker possesses many transferable skills that allow him to thrive in all sorts of situations. Cooperation is a key skill that is valued across all workplaces. The ability to collaborate, work well with others and contribute to projects or tasks is incredibly beneficial. Luke would never have been able to defeat the Empire without the help of Leia, Chewbacca, R2D2 and many others. His love of learning sees him as one of the greatest Jedi in galactic history…if only he didn’t kiss his sister along the way.
  • Leia Organa – The Natural Leader. Effective leaders are able to make decisions and guide their team, which are attributes any successful organisation needs. Assertive, level-headed with natural desire to lead, Leia radiates many leadership skills, especially in the face of adversity. From Princess of Alderaan to leading the New Republic Senate, Leia has constantly demonstrated the ability to take charge and motivate her troops. Let’s all try and be a little more like Leia.


  • Darth Vader – The Results-Driven Sith Lord. Being one of the most infamous villains of all time, Darth Vader teaches us more about what not to bring to the workplace.  Vader’s leadership skills greatly contrast those of Leia, and he certainly isn’t afraid to be decisive in his actions, often at the cost of those around him. With an extremely low tolerance of failure, Vader did not get on well with many of the higher-ups in the Imperial Military. He never takes his eyes off his stormtroopers, often micromanaging, rather than fostering an environment built on trust and autonomy. Often brutal with his feedback,  Vader takes incredibly harsh measures to ensure team performance.


  •  Yoda – The Emotionally Intelligent Jedi Master. Calm, curious and   empathetic, Yoda regularly demonstrates superb people skills and the   ability to recognise other character’s strengths and weaknesses –   notably when counselling Anakin in Revenge of the Sith and the   Phantom Menace. It is crucial for companies to have employees who   possess emotional intelligence and respond appropriately to those   around them – colleagues, customers and clients alike.  We all need a   Yoda at work. 
r2d2 star wars
LJ at Pexels
  •  R2D2 – The Adaptable Computer Whizz. Technical skills and being able to quickly and smoothly adapt to new technologies, programs or processes are highly regarded in any workplace. As he’s never been given a full memory wipe, R2D2 is a smart, adventurous droid who often displayed his technological finesse in pivotal moments of galactic history. 
star wars
Craig Adderley at Pexels
  • Chewbacca – The Empathetic Wookiee. Chewie may be a hairy and scruffy warrior on the exterior, but there’s no doubt he is fiercely loyal, relatable and sensitive on the inside. Empathy is high on his list of skills, whether he is an ally for just a fleeting moment,  or a lifelong companion like he is to Han Solo. Chewie gives his all to those in his life. He understands the types of people who want to align themselves with him, listens to them, relates to them and never looks back. There’s no one else you’d want by your side, whether that be in the co-pilot seat or the office desk next to you. 
  • Jar Jar Binks. We all work with a Jar Jar. Let’s just leave this one here. 

Which Star Wars character can you identify with the most?


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