Snoop Dog’s Rap Empire: Game Review

Emma Crameri Emma Crameri has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 4 May 2021

Snoop Dog has collaborated with DiGGital doGG game developers to create an idle rap-inspired game.

You have started your rap career and to get ahead you’ll need to tap around the screen. Fortunately, Snoop Dog hears one of your CDs and gives you a call.

To become a successful music manager, you’ll need to purchase the right music equipment and hire people with the right skills. You’ll put together albums and perform at concerts with fans cheering you on. Then you’ll need to invest in real estate and studio upgrades to make millions.

Rap Empire is the perfect game for people who enjoy tapping and rap beats. I would have liked some lyrics, but perhaps that happens later on in the game.

Download from the Rap Empire website.

About DiGGital DoGG

Brought to you by Snoop Dogg’s very own digital production company, DiGGital DoGG. An artist-owned company revolutionizing the digital space, and the way artists get involved.

DiGGital doGG assembles all-star teams of artists and technicians who have worked on some of the top games, films and animated content in order to deliver content for any platform. Our experience and proprietary technology allow us to deliver content faster and cheaper than other companies. View more at the DiGGital DoGG website:

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