The ‘Moto e6 Plus’ Is Now Available In Australia

Emeric Brard
on 9 October 2019

Motorola has just made its flagship smartphone even better with the latest addition of the e6 Plus to their current lineup.

What makes the e6 Plus so special?

Not much in the way of design has changed, with the slick look of the previous models still in place, but it can certainly do so much more with improved selfie and security features plus its larger display.

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“The world in the palm of your hands” – it’s a bold statement to make, sure, but one that is seemingly justified.


This model has significantly improved with the additions of 8 MP selfie camera and a 13 MP rear dual camera system.

moto e6 Plus, Motorola, dual camera

The beautification tool allows users to tweak selfies to make them brighter and give them softer tones. The camera is now in HDR meaning the quality and sharpness of your photos will be higher than ever before.


Security is super important when it comes to your phone. It’s where we have our text messages, photos, files, emails and more; so obviously it’s the last thing that we want breached, and simple passwords are too easy to crack.

The new Face ID unlock and fingerprint unlock will make sure that none of the above can be accessed without your permission…unless you have an identical twin, in that case, it’s anyone’s game.


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A large part of the pitch is attributed to its new larger display. Now with a 6.1″ Max Vision HD+ (19.5:9) display, making it the largest display in the family to date and also enhancing all your gaming, YouTubing, and Netflixing, essentially bringing them to life right in the palm of your hands.


There’s nothing more frustrating than running out of space on your phone because of the 1000+ photos on your phone (that you never use or look at) or the amount of games you have. With a microSD card, up to 512 GB can be added for all your media needs.

Extra Features

In addition to all these wonderful new features, the e6 Plus now has a longer battery life at 3000mAh to power you through the day, an option of either 2 or 4GB of RAM, a dual SIM option allowing you to have one phone, with two numbers, and last but definitely not least, the Android 9 Pie feature that makes the e6 Plus so powerful and fast-operating.

The Moto e6 Plus is available via the Motorola Online Store and selected retailers including Officeworks, The Good Guys, Big W and Mobileciti at AUD$199. For full information and specifications, visit

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