The New Nokia G42 5G Is Out And Guess What? You Can Repair It Yourself

By Samyukta Thakur
on 30 September 2023

The new Nokia’s G42 is the first smartphone designed so you can repair it yourself at home. Yes, if you crack your screen then you can fix it yourself. This innovation makes it more eco-friendly and another bonus is the phone is priced at sub $500.

“We are excited to bring the repairable Nokia G42 5G to the Australian market,” HMD Global’s Country Manager for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, Brendan Folitarek told Women Love Tech. “It offers both longevity and performance with the addition of 5G.”

Being able to replace damaged screens and bent charging ports makes the G42 5G more sustainable than other phones on the market. This is thanks to a deal HMD Global secured with iFixit to ensure these common issues can be fixed easily. Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, believes that this product will pave the way in favour of self-repairs for the smartphone market. 

The QuickFix repairability allows users to independently address common smartphone issues such as damaged screens and charging port problems, making it a more sustainable and cost-efficient approach to smartphone maintenance.

All necessary Fit Kits and replacement parts, including displays, batteries, worn-out batteries and charging ports, are accessible through in Australia, which means you can repair your pone from the comfort of your own homes.

Phone recycling initiative

HMD Global has also shown its commitment to sustainability with its partnership with Clean Up Australia, MobileMuster, Freely and Wander, to promote a phone recycling initiative. So for those who are unlikely to repair their own phone but want to have a sustainable solution for an old phone like me, you can recycle you old mobile phone. This is also being encouraged to do so through a competition to win a four-day holiday.

For the eco-friendly users, Nokia promises device protection with 100% recycled material, besides durability against daily wear and tear, which is assuring, especially for the rough handlers like me.

Other features including photo sharing

For us at Women Love Tech, Nokia’s promise of providing quick sharing of photos, browsing, shopping, working, or online entertainment did prove to be quite satisfactory. The added advantage of the phone having sufficient memory and storage space, makes it quite attractive too.

Another handy feature is the 50 MP camera advanced imaging AI to capture sharp photos, even in challenging conditions.

The camera also has Portrait Mode to spotlight the subject along with Night Mode, enhancing low-light photography which makes it better for capturing those memorable moments. 

The guarantee of a great battery – three days to be precise – is another good feature. Apart from this, there’s also the assurance of the battery retaining 80% of its original capacity after 800 full charging cycles, providing a hassle free, four years of use. There’s also the feature of the phone remaining up-to-date with 3 years of monthly security updates and 2 years of OS upgrades.

All up, the Nokia G42 5G makes an attractive offering for sustainably minded, price conscious people and the AUD $450 price point is a winner.

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