The Ridiculous Australia Banning Online Games List

By Frederique Bros
on 19 July 2015

Australia banned 220 online games in the past four months. That’s a significant jump in number, ABC News reported, and almost four times the amount refused classification in the period between 1994 and 2014 making Australia the infamous country in the Classification Board.

The Ridiculous Australia Banning Online Games List

Let’s see in detail why Australia approved extremely violent games for kids and banned games with a couple kissing in a swimming pool!

I’ve Tested 4 Games Banned By Australia And I loved It!

I’m French and free speech is part of my culture and my way of thinking this is why any kind of censuring or banning will wake up my curiosity. When Australia bans games I want to know more… why? Why are they so dangerous?

Recently I had the opportunity to play on the Xbox One and I discovered all those crazy ultra-violent games such as Grand Theft Auto, Mortal Kombat X or The Witcher, and to be honest, despite the high quality of designs, animations and sounds I had zero pleasure when trying to steal a car or when I tried to kill someone (in war zone) with an automatic gun, this is just not for me. So surely games that Australia are banning must be much worse than killing and torturing people, right?

Here are the top four weirdest games Australia has banned* in the last four months — based entirely on titles, without playing them and with no particular scientific method applied. Suffice it to say, almost no one will miss these five games, but it’s still an open question whether they should have been refused classification at all.

*Refusing classification (ban a game) means the game cannot be sold, rented or advertised in Australia.

1. Fun Swimming Pool Love Kiss

Making two poor people kiss interminably next to a swimming pool seems about the extent of it.

I found this game on dressupgames and found it also on Google Play but it says: This app is compatible with all of your devices – for a mature audience!

2. Bra Size Scanner + Shape Prank – Free – Android

Measure Bra Size Prank asks you to measure your bra size by scanning your fingerprint. Seems both very bad and very fake, but it’s still not clear why it was worth banning.

3. Douchebag Beach Club

Work on your digital muscles, and in the words of Silver Games “Become the ultimate douche and do douche things under the sun of happiness!” Not much more needs to be said. (Very funny)

4. Weed Bakery – Free – Apple

Enter the exciting world of legalized recreational Marijuana in the state of Colorado!

Find out what it takes to run a successful edible bakery by opening your very own Weed Bakery. Grow the most popular weed strains and turn your crops into unique edibles. Serve your local community, earn respect and make some serious dough! Unlock new challenges, recipes and upgrades and turn your bakery into the hottest shop in the state.

Personally, I would prefer my kids playing games kissing girls by the pool or building a legal Marijuana business than torturing and shooting people! What do you think?

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