This Is Why Women Should Think About A Career As An IOS Programmer

By Women Love Tech
on 30 April 2019

Many people find the term “Female App Developers” as new and hard to grasp. Well that’s simply got to change. Let’s take a look at how we can change that plus take a look at my list of women in tech to follow

Women in Coding

Our software forefathers were, in fact, foremothers. Ada Lovelace, of course, helped Charles Babbage as a software engineer (precursor) to his hardware engineering. To me, programming is meant for those who simply enjoy doing it, irrespective of gender.

A more notable female programmer is Margaret Hamilton. She invented the term “software engineering” and coded the software for the Apollo lunar flight. She pioneered techniques of developing “ultra-reliable” software.

Here are a few pointers/tips that might help you to break down the glass ceiling as a woman in tech.

#1 The one who speaks will be heard

Many women are scared to speak their mind. Maybe they suffer from the fear of seeming ignorant or uneducated. Well, in reality, asking questions can serve to boost your confidence to a great extent. Understand the issues which need to be asked, when and what the most effective way to ask them is. Come up with a balancing act. If possible, try to solve the problem before asking for help. Self-discovery is the best way to succeed.

To put it simply, if you have been struggling for a two-hour problem that can be answered in two minutes by your colleague, it’s time to put away Stack Overflow and ask for help. The ultimate goal is to solve the problem.

#2 Get Noticed

Women often remain at the backstage ignoring the limelight which they deserve to be in. There is no harm in voicing your opinions out in meetings as long as it’s done in a respectful manner. This shows your courage to take initiatives.

Try to be capable, pursue excellence and success will follow.

#3 Own it

It’s okay to be emotional from time to time and accept our vulnerabilities. When you are passionate about something; getting emotional is pretty much normal. Learning to handle these emotions and discuss your feelings in a productive way is the key. Do not forget why you fell in love with programming in the first place.

Female App Developers to Inspire You

  1. Ayaka Nonaka: Workflow, Venmo, Apple- Works at the tech giant itself, Ayaka has developed for Workflow and Venmo. These days you can spot her at several press conferences on Natural Language Processing with Swift and Testing: View Models & Protocols. Other projects which she is known for include Parsimmon, a linguistics toolkit for iOS, and Polyglot, a Swift API for Microsoft Translator.
  2. Carola Nitz: VLC for iOS- One of the known contributors for VLCC’s IOS client is a software engineer in Berlin, Germany. The free and open source cross-platform multimedia player has gained popularity among several other built-in media players in Windows and macOS. Carola started programming in 2009 with a student job at Nik Software.
  3. Summer Panage: Twitter, Apple, Chorus Fitness- Currently working at Chorus Fitness, Summer has successfully managed dodging hats as a head of Mobile Accessibility on iOS & Android at Twitter, and a developer at Apple working on Accessibility, UIAutomation, and Maps. Along with this, she is also a professional circus artist as an aerial rope performer.

In a nutshell,

Remember working in the mobile app development realm is one of the toughest industries. There will be days when you may feel frustrated but that’s all part of the parcel. Never give up as an IOS developer; you are here for a reason! 

Women Love Tech would like to thank Stephanie Donahole for her article.

Stephanie is working as a Business Analyst at Tatvasoft Australia, a custom software development company in Sydney and Melbourne. Her aim is to sharpen her analytical skills, deepening her data understanding and broaden her business knowledge in these years of her career. She loves to write about technology innovation and emergence. Follow Her on Twitter.

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