Tom Foolery’s Viral Video ‘The Great Realisation’

By Emeric Brard
on 30 December 2020

When Women Love Tech covered Tom Foolery’s (Tomos Roberts) beautiful pandemic poem, ‘The Great Realisation’ earlier this year,  it racked up millions of views and captured millions of hearts around the world. It caught the eye of many, including A-list celebrities like Jake Gyllenhaal who helped make it into a children’s book. Today, that possibility is now a reality.

Originally posted online, earlier in April, 2020, and written for his younger siblings, ‘The Great Realisation’ became an instant hit. In a short space of time, it was viewed over 60 million times and even translated into over 20 languages! It spoke to the millions and captured the hearts of children and adults alike.

Among the admirers was the publishing company, Egmont Books, who was swept away by not only the reception it received but mainly the story that it told. And with that, they snapped up the rights to turn his viral fable into a picture book adaptation.

The great realisation
The Great Realisation

The story, brought to life by Japanese illustrator, Nomoco, is one of positivity amidst adversity, reminding the youth that there is still “dreams to be dreamt and kindnesses to be shared.”

“I hope it can be useful to people and serve as a reminder of the time and an encouragement to any who believe improvement is possible. Thank you to all the people who have made this possible,”

said Tomos Roberts

Egmont Books has collaborated with book Publishers HarperCollins to make all of this possible. Cristina Cappelluto, Publishing Director, HarperCollins Children’s Book Australia said that Tomos’ book offers “hope and optimism for a better future and in so doing is the panacea we all need right now.”

Watch the video below:

It received some major praise from some big names in the industry:

“In case you missed this beautiful video, take a look. So Touching!” – Olivia Newton-John

“I wanted to write and tell you how moved I was by your latest video [The Great Realisation]. It should be a children’s book immediately and I would love to help you make it into one!” – Jake Gyllenhaal

Among many many others…

‘The Great Realisation’ is available on Amazon here.

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