Ultimate Guide: How to Start a Podcast and Make Money

By Robyn Foyster Robyn Foyster has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team
on 8 April 2022

You’ve got a good idea for a podcast but where do you start to get it off the ground? Here we take a look at what you need to do to start a podcast and make money from it. 

To start with, we suggest you make a list and work your way through it.

  • Choose a topic and name – try to make the name memorable. 
  • Show and episode format – you need to spend time on formatting each show so that it is unique and keeps the audience’s attention.
  • Cover art creation – this is like the cover of a vinyl record. You want your podcast image to draw attention.
  • Intro & outro music – give your podcast a distinct feel and sound.
  • Equipment selection – you need the tools of the game, starting with a mike.
  • Audio recording & editing – you need to factor the production in and think about your budget.
  • Submission to Apple Podcasts (iTunes) – it takes time to get approval from Apple so build in time for that. 
  • Promotion tips – build your network and community through social media. 

Apple Podcast requirements

First you need a podcasts connect account. Then you need to set up the RSS feed which includes the required tags, one episode at least and an artwork to go with it as a cover. Apple will remove the podcast if the name does not align with the title of each episode or if the content is misleading or offensive. It requires content to be sensitive to cultural and local regulation.  Once you have this set up then you submit your podcast through Apple.


Google works in a similar way to Apple. Podcasts can be used through various platforms which includes Google search on browsers, desktops, Google home and through mobile device apps.  

You can get tips on a range of podcast topics to see what peaks your listeners interests, what points have higher engagement and which don’t. 

You get paid through advertising.

Spotify Podcast

Spotify along with Apple podcasts is one of the largest podcast providers. Spotify recommends Anchor as platform to use to create and host unlimited episodes through. It is easy for sharing, to make money from and it is free. Spotify also has 299 million users, reaches 92 markets and like Apple can be streamed and downloaded. You are able to view your podcasts statistics and track your follower growth. Podcast data uploads daily.

Once you have your link for your podcast either through Anchor or another platform you can add it into your podcast through RSS feed, and add in the information required, review and publish. 

Earning revenue through getting paid sponsorships and advertising.

Game Changers
Game Changers podcast appears on Whooshkaa

Whooshkaa Podcast

This platform allows podcast creators to create and publish their podcasts similar to Anchor but whereas Anchor is a free platform, this platform has different costs per package in US dollars. 

There is a team who are there to help grow podcasts and to generate revenue for your business.

Podcasts using this platform include: 

  • Shameless Podcast
  • The Health Code Podcast
  • Wilosophy with Wil Anderson
  • Q podcast
  • True Crime
Wild with Sarah Wilson
Wild with Sarah Wilson


Acast allows you to create and share your podcast through one medium.

You get access to advanced analytics to view and grow your platform.

Acast has people constantly advertising with them to make you money from your podcast shows.

It can be shared on majority of streaming sites like Spotify, Amazon music, Apple podcasts and more. 

More on creating your own podcasts

Podcasts generally make money through their sponsors and you can attract sponsors because of your audience’s reach or the amount of downloads you’ve received. The more popular your podcast, the more you’ll receive from sponsors.  Here is the link for Anchor which makes sharing podcast across various platforms including Spotify, Apple, Google and others. It also provides analytics on your podcasts performance and is a free service to use unlike Whooshkaa.

More insights on podcasts are here – https://www.podcastinsights.com/start-a-podcast/ 

Other Platforms to Create Content on Include:

  • Audacity
  • Auphonic
  • Zencaster
  • soundtrap

Popular Female Podcasts

  • The Michelle Obama Podcast
  • Shameless
  • Life Uncut
  • No Filter
  • Lady Startup Stories
  • She’s on the Money
  • Wine & Crime
  • Pretty Basic
  • The Like Us Girls
  • We Don’t Have Time For This
  • Seize The Yay

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