UnoTelly The Fastest Movie & TV Streamline Channels

By Frederique Bros
on 20 April 2015

I was amazed at how easy and fast I could unlock all the channels in just one minute! UnoTelly’s DNS do not slow down, the Internet connection (UnoDNS) is extremely rapid, no slowdowns. I love the speed, the price and their options for only a few dollars per month. This is the perfect movie, TV and music streamline channels. Netflix’s lovers will be addicted!

UnoTelly The Fastest Movie and TV Streamline Channels

To begin with, UnoDNS is a DNS Domain Name System) based service, not a VPN (Virtual Private Network). UnoTelly will let you access blocked channels like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more, from anywhere you are with the press of a button.

DNS versus VPN

The basic difference between UnoDNS and traditional VPN services is that by using their service, you will have a much faster connection for streaming video compared to VPN services. That’s because unlike VPNs and other solutions, with their service there is no “middle-man” and as a result, you can stream directly from the streaming media station (e.g. Netflix, BBC iPlayer) with your full internet speed. Despite that, with their service users can stream content on almost any internet-connected device (tablets, Game consoles, Smart TVs and many more), in contrast to VPNs the majority of which can be used only on PCs and Macs. 

Furthermore, they have also developed a unique feature called UnoDNS Dynamo that lets their users switch between channels and regions. For example, with a US Netflix account, you will be able to stream from any of the 10 regions of Netflix available (with the same account).

Free for 8 Days

Related to subscribing options, any user can try UnoDNS Gold for free for 8 Days. You can find our 8-day free trial here: . After the free trial is over, a user must subscribe to either our Premium or our Gold package to continue using our service. Both Premium and Gold DNS package has access to all the DNS-supported channels. The only difference is that the Gold package includes a bonus UnoVPN service. You can use the VPN to access any US / UK websites not supported by the DNS service yet. The bonus VPN will also let our users download Android apps from the UK and US Google Play store.

About bandwidth limits and port speeds, I want to let you know that by using UnoDNS there is absolutely no bandwidth limit and your streaming speed stays the same as the speed you have without using their service. You can test it by performing an internet speed test.

I recommend you to try

  • Netflix (all regions via Dynamo)
  • Hulu Plus
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO Nordic
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Instant
  • and many more that you can find on their channels list:

Image Credit: UnoTelly

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