What To Say In An Interview To Succeed In A Digital World

What To Say In An Interview To Success In A Digital World

There are certain questions that are universal when it comes to being interviewed and you should prepare your answers to these well in advance.

This will take away any nervous tension associated with the unknown element of the interview process and allow you to focus on making a good impression. When you are asked about your interests, the employer is looking for information that may indicate what sort of person you are.

For example, if you were being interviewed as a sales clerk in a bookshop and you didn’t mention when asked that you enjoy reading, it would be highly likely that you would not be deemed as the right person for the position. Similarly, answering ‘I don’t know’ to questions about yourself isn’t appealing and conveys an air of disinterest and apathy.

At some stage, you will be asked to speak about your strengths and weaknesses. How you answer this question is very important and you should always tailor your response to the qualities you think the employer is looking for.

For example, if you will be employed as part of a team, mentioning that you are a team player will serve you well. Similarly, stating that you pride yourself on your communication skills would be an attractive quality in somebody looking to work in sales. Whatever the position may be, do your research, be savvy and be sincere.

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When it comes to discussing your weaknesses in an interview, be mindful not to come across arrogant by saying that you don’t have any. Rephrase the question in your answer by responding, ‘some areas in which I’d like to develop are…’.

This willingness to grow professionally gives the impression that you are enthusiastic and that you possess high standards. These are attractive qualities to any employer.

This is an extract of the book #GIRLCODE –The Secret to Success in a Digital World By Michaela Launerts.

The Secret to Success in a Digital World By Michaela Launerts.

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