What Would It Really Cost To Live Like Emily In Paris?

By Pamela Connellan
on 9 January 2023

Many of us have binge-watched Season 3 of the Netflix hit – Emily in Paris – over the holidays. While the show is a whole lot of fun, we all realise it would be fairly impossible to wear the designer label clothes Emily does and go out to the tres chic restaurants many nights in the week, on the type of wage she’d be on as a junior marketing executive.

In the series, we see Emily Cooper living this glamorous lifestyle and it does pose the question of how much this lifestyle – which looks fantastic – would actually cost?

Well, the people at a company called New Casinos have analysed Emily’s lifestyle to determine what her annual spending would be – compared to her salary – which is estimated to be €45,251 (US$46,980.95), and converted the costs from Euros to United States dollars.

 RentUtilitiesTransportShoppingMorning coffeeDrinksEating outTOTAL

When they did this, they found the American expat is way overspending when it comes to her clothes and this is by far, her most expensive habit. Based on the prices of some of the fabulous clothing that we see her roaming the streets of Paris in, Emily is estimated to spend a total of an overwhelming US$76,795.40 annually on clothes and accessories.

Valentino, Prada, Christian Louboutin, and Balmain are just some of the luxury brands she is seen in but one of her more expensive choices would definitely be the Vassilis Zoulias yellow printed jacket she’s seen wearing in the fourth episode of Season 2, which comes with a price tag of US$53,987.96.

Emily in Paris Fashion
It’s estimated Emily spends a total of US$76,795.40 annually on clothes and accessories.

So how much is she over-spending all up?

In total, Emily spends US$120,006.37 a year to maintain her lavish lifestyle, which is precisely US$73,025.42 over her annual income of US$46,980.95. It’s fairly obvious that this is a TV show and when it comes to our favourite fiction show, they’re not deeply grounded in reality. Emily in Paris is a show in which extravagance is at the core but it’s interesting to see just how unrealistic the luxurious living of Emily is. The findings are a friendly reminder that her lifestyle isn’t exactly one to admire, given that her salary doesn’t cover half of her spending.

Here’s a breakdown of Emily’s other expenses

Emily pays around US$33,127.84 annually for rent, which is a staggering amount considering that leaves her just US$13,853.11 left from her salary for the whole year to cover other expenses. It’s no surprise that she has to splurge on her apartment though, given that it is in Place de l’Estrapade in the 5th arrondissement, right near the Pantheon – one of Paris’s major attractions.

Utilities are another essential yet pricey expense, and Emily’s bill totals to US$2,372.40 a year. So, given the price of both rent and utilities, you would imagine there’s not much more room for any other spending – but that isn’t quite what we see.

Paris is well-known for its wonderful delicacies, and Emily takes full advantage of this by frequently dining out in restaurants around the city. It proves a pricey activity with a total spend around US$3,239.28 a year, with the assumption that she does so twice a week, making it her third most expensive habit.

Exploring the nightlife of Paris is another one of Emily’s many hobbies we see on the show, where she’s usually accompanied by Mindy or Camille. However, it’s expected that Emily spends US$1,295.71 keeping up with this hobby over an annual period of two cocktails a week.

In one of the show’s episodes, Emily told Camille how she got lost using the Metro, which is the cheapest and quickest way to travel around Paris. In an attempt to avoid getting lost again, we see Emily use taxis to get around instead – costing her US$2,947.74 a year on transport.

Then, there’s her morning coffee which we can all relate to. Based on the average price of a regular cappuccino in Paris, Emily racks up an annual bill of US$228 on her morning coffee, assuming that she indulges once daily for five days a week.

So you can see, the cost of this elegant and enjoyable lifestyle does add up and especially with Emily’s predilection for designer clothes, it’s not sustainable. We can thank New Casinos for bringing this to our attention.  

Rundown of Costs

Utilities per month€190.42
Annual cost€2,285.04
Monthly rent for 900sqft furnished accommodation in expensive area€ 2,659
annual cost€ 31,908
Taxi on a normal tariff 1km€ 1.82
Taxi from Emily’s apartment to work then back (6km)€ 10.92
Annual cost based on 5 days a week€ 2,839.20
Cappuccino (regular)€ 3.66
Annual cost based on 5 times a week€ 219.60
Meal for 2 people at a mid-range restaurant, 3 course€ 60
Annual cost for 1 person based on 2 times a week€ 3,120
Cocktail price in a downtown club€ 12
Annual cost based on 2 times a week€ 1,248
ClothingPrice in €
Isabel Marant dress1526,81
Valentino sunglasses269.68
Dolce & Gabbana dress1685.76
Christian Louboutin tote bag1685.76
Terry Dehavilland disco heels318.29
Magali Pascal dress450.72
Self-Portrait orange dress380.50
Hermes bomber jacket1637.59
Rotate Birger Christensen dress582.79
Rianna + Nina kimono1800.00
Vassilis Zoulias jacket52000.00
Anouki heart dress685.00
Vassilis Zoulias dress850.00
Barrie blazer2456.39
Balmain tweed skirt1729.11
Mark Cross bag2880.24
Self-Portrait mini dress366.05
Valentino belt630.95
Prada bag2880.24
Maje knitted vest216.74
Giambattista Valli x H&M gown461.81

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