What’s The Most Popular Fitness Brand On TikTok?

Pamela Connellan
on 14 March 2022

Is it Nike, Gymshark or Peloton? Well, Golf Support did some research and guess who? Yes, it’s Nike which takes out the title as the world’s most popular TikTok fitness brand with 21 billion hashtagged posts.

The brand is famous in the fitness world and has collaborated with the likes of Kanye West, Lil Nas X and former professional Basketball player Michael Jordan.

Coming in second place is Gymshark with 5.6 billion hashtagged posts. This is one of the youngest brands in the Top 20 as the company was only founded in 2012 – but Gymshark has very quickly become a household name.

Adidas comes in third with 5.1 billion posts. This German brand has been around since the 40s and is still doing well. Lululemon didn’t do too badly coming in at fourth with a current total of 2.2 billion posts. This brand has become beloved by women for its leggings, perfect for low impact fitness such as yoga.

Other brands which did well were Ivy Park, Fabletics and ethical activewear brand Girlfriend Collective which all feature in top 20.

You could be asking why are fitness brands so popular on social media?

Nike Adapt bb
Nike Adapt bb

Well, if you didn’t take a photo – did you really go to the gym? Sharing posts on social media is a great way to stay accountable, show off your hard work and – more importantly – show off your new activewear.

Here’s the full round up of the top 10 most popular TikTok fitness brands:

1st: Nike – 21 billion hashtagged posts

2nd: GymShark – 5.6 billion hashtagged posts

3rd: Adidas – 5.1 billion hashtagged posts

4th: Lululemon – 2.2 billion hashtagged posts

5th: Puma 1.8B hashtagged posts

6th: Peloton 564.4M hashtagged posts

7th: New Balance 453.6M hashtagged posts

8th: Under Armour – 444.7M hashtagged posts

9th: Patagonia – 407.9M hashtagged posts

10th: Decathlon – 303.7M hashtagged posts


Golf Support’s methodology for this research: To research this list of the top fitness brands on TikTok, Golf Support took from multiple Forbes articles listing the most popular fitness brands. Listing the top 30 most commonly listed fitness brands, each brand name was searched for via hashtags on TikTok – using only the brand name. The fitness brands with the highest total of hashtags were then taken and ranked in order. Data is accurate as of the 10th of March 2022 and is subject to change.

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